Oops, I managed to break outgoing email and not notice for six months again

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I swear this happens every couple of years. Sorry! An OS upgrade carried out around January 22nd caused an issue that silently prevented outgoing emails from being delivered. I have fixed the issue and Glorious Trainwrecks should once again be able to email you. If you sent a PM through the site to someone between January and now, and never got a response, it's probably because they never got the email. IDK if people even use that feature anymore though.

Gory details: NixOS 22.05 deprecated support for ssmtp, so I switched to msmtp. I tested msmtp directly when this upgrade happened and it worked! However, it turned out that my configuration accidentally depended on cat being available in the running program's PATH, which, it turns out, was true when I ran it from my local login shell, but was _not_ true when PHP was running it. YEARGH.WAV.