some sort of videogame history

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Sun, Feb 28 2021 01:33 PM
02/28/2021 - 13:33
02/28/2069 - 13:33

inspired by lost histories jam*, this is an alphabetical list of games where experiences of a game are more important than the game itself.

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to contribute:

♥ add a page
♥ format it however you want
♥ include proper credits


♥ choose a game because of how important it is to you, not to culture at large
♥ don't edit/delete anyone else's work without their permission
♥ pics must be safe for work but writing doesn't have to be; please provide content warning if so


gifs will be added later lol

Games made for some sort of videogame history

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
Black screen08/19/2022 - 04:17TheDoctorCrowblack screen.png0
homer hell one06/21/2022 - 15:38gisbrechthomerinhell.PNG2


Super Cool

Just wanted to put in here some kudos for this project. It's been an excellent read so far: learning about different peoples' game inspirations.

Thanks for setting this up, quasiotter! :D

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Neat idea. Are you going to

Neat idea. Are you going to turn it into a website or something in the end?

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i saw a car today

i don't know! the ultimate dream would be a book published by a really cool publisher and we all get rich and get to eat pudding

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Hmmm good idea. I will ask

Hmmm good idea. I will ask my mum Stephanie Penguin if she will publish it.


wadn't sure if slides were still open or nah but I threw one in there
if not I'll repurpose this for school work or something lol