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Affiliate Marketing Services with Click Cabin- The Whole Story!

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List of inspiration + Interesting idea

For interesting people, scroll down. For the idea, keep reading.

So, my idea is to release games with any idea i suddenly get in my head. I will be releasing games all the time with all the ideas i have, images i have ideas with. So, is it possible to make so many different games, that you cannot possibly make another one, because you simply ran out of ideas and\or too tired\exhausted\bored with it? Let's find out! In my head i think i may reach that point either at 300 or 500 games.
Knowning that i have 8 more bathroom photo collections and around 3 classic games coming soon, i'm not sure when that will happen, but I already have guessed the possible number of games. Keep in mind, it's not like making a hundred exe's with a single button that redirects you to a screen 'you win', it's a bit harder than that, because one of the games will be a sequel to a game that took me 2 months to make (it's a normal game that was made months before the 'infernalbeast' games). An unfinished junkman game laying around, an unfinished defense game too..
So what do you think? Wanna guess the possible date or\and game number?

Here are peoples who inspire me and who you may check (only if you want)

GG Allin
Varg Vikernes
Petr Mamonov

i will soon memorize some other things and update the post

Sad Fate II
Dream II
Dream III
Rum IV
Rum 3D (V)
Rum VI
Mr.Bean vs Scatman

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Lads, that's me again after one half year since i've popped out again.

Hasn't been a while, isn't it? Guess not, because my last blog post didn't even get a comment, that shows i'm likely fading from previous popularity.
Well, you know, regarding the plans for a possible Mr. Cat visual novel game, is that i've decided to make a transition to the Twine engine. It won't be made as a visual novel because it seems now an odd idea for making a visual novel that is not a dating sim with pigeons like Hatoful Boyfriend, the story is going to be darker and a sort of a 80s adventure game reminiscent of Shadowgate, but it's not even going to be a "real" text adventure because i totally suck at making text inputting games. It really makes you forget about the terms used to move onwards, so it will be a hypertextual adventure!

The game i'm going to do at some time still won't be Mr. Cat IV, it's going to focus on a extended universe of the Mr. Cat franchise with many new characters and possibly there might be less funny stuff because i've started writing the plot and it's already going gritty. It will focus on Sergeant Duck, the main character of the spin-off, with a very sad backstory. The rest won't be revealed because there's 99% chances it's story is told in lots and lots and lots of words than the other Mr. Cat entries, of course, it's not going to be made in Clickteam Fusion, because that engine only left many words that isn't lots like this one!

On my Mr. Cat GameJolt page ( i wrote a more serious version of this blog which might explain in a different way, maybe i'd suggest that you'd read this after you read this blog post. Just a suggestion, because i never felt better to copy the text from that article.

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Why do i use 2+ names when i release games

So i use Asteroid2000 for my nice and good games
My weird infernal games have me credites as InfernalBeast (sometimes with 666 at the end)
because of the heavy difference between those 2 categories imagine someone playing one of my classic nice games and then suddenly the same person would download anything like sad fate or revenge of the toothpaste... that may stop them from playing my other games

however i want to change credits in some infernal games, because they're good =
Revenge of the Chickens

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my website with all good things

So yeah. i have a website with all my games. i can post the link if you want

Right now i'm updating it so some pages are unaccessible.

Pass the laser beam

this is a simple game where you have to get pass the laser beams..

the keys are arrow keys for both menu and game + enter

the download :

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Yellow Jogger Laser Platform Madness (2017)


Hi again, everybody :)

It's been a good four years since I made my last entry on this website, and I decided to pay all of my game making buddies a classic tribute.

Once again I caught myself dwelling about production values, working on larger projects (all of which went into development hell hardy har har) So i stopped dead on my tracks and focused on this little gem of my past.

So here you guys go, it's a game about making laser platforms to get you places you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. HOW FUN IS THAT!

I worked on it for about two weeks and the best part is that you can make your OWN levels on it! And... [drum roll] ...share it with your friends!

The game comes packed with 10 original levels and 5 pre-made custom levels.

Have fun! ;]

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Scrib's Adventure


Hey everyone, this is Scrib's Adventure, it's a riff off the "Egglike" genre that was popularized by Vinesauce's Vinny. I have been working on this little ball of weirdness for about 8 months now. It's on its 8th version including releases only made for my friends. It's been a fun project and I feel like it's becoming its own thing.

Enjoy, everyone:

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Just a reminder.

Hello again.

It's almost a year i've never returned here but this time i'm peeking on this place once again, to bring a re-release of the Mr. Cat games on GameJolt. Yes, nobody ever saw the thing again, and i won't know if there is the future for it.

In regards to that, i am remarking that there is a tentative future for the series, let's give it a read to a news feed post i published from this day:
Despite the fact i’ve never looked towards this game anymore and the constant slow population i’ve had, i’ve been thinking to expand this series into more, except you need help to spread this game so that it can get enough population for an attempt to make another game of the Mr. Cat series.

A year ago i used to work on a real fourth entry of the series, Mr. Cat 4, which introduced a new type of level that is a big map, and other crap but the story: A group of aliens start to take over Neo Los Angeles with their demand on taking revenge to Mr. Cat after the defeat of Arthur. I attempted to focus on the development of this game, however, i didn’t have anymore the thought power than i did when i made the Mr. Cat trilogy.

Another game i used to think of is another spin-off to the series which was a sports spinoff, which has to do with some baseball, a name i could think of was Mr. Cat and the Baseball League. From my thoughts, Mr. Cat and the Baseball League is most likely a melee-like version of the gameplay, instead of shooting diamonds, you had to knock down enemies with your baseball bat while surviving hazards. The setting for it was in a typical baseball stadium in where resides a crowd of dogs + Mr. Dog who has taken revenge from Mr. Cat by trapping him in here. However, this idea was soon replaced with Mr. Cat III, and the spin-off never happened.

Since two days ago some pal at one of my Discord servers got me TyranoBuilder, a visual novel making tool, and I thought that a possible side story or a sort of gaiden game is possible, but it’ll depend on when it’s reasonable to do so, as however i’m recently stubborn about the current situation i have.

Thank you all for understanding.

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