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Making my first good game


I don't know if anyone still uses these forums, scrolling the recent posts tab there's some posts at the bottom that are almost older than I am, I mean by the looks of things this site was most active before the breakup of Yugoslavia into serperate states... but, if you're reading this, hiii! I'm working on a game for the open world jam, and I guess I'll drop my thoughts, comments, questions, concerns, grievances, and mediations here semi-regularly (about once every 4-6 years) while I try and beat this game into a semi playable state.

My plan for the game:
I like David Lynch films, max payne, the US state of Florida, and landscape painting, and I'm not a big fan of neo-nazis. My plan is to combine all of this into something of an open world game, have the player gunning around the sticks shooting krauts in a third person shooter kind of game. So far I've at least got the third person shooting part done and dusted. Aside from that... well it needs some work to be honest, and in terms of playability I'd rather stab myself in the balls with a fork than play the 'game' at this stage, although that's been a bit of a running theme in all of my games up to this point.

My mid term goal is to try and make a somewhat playable demo to showcase the game and get people's thoughts on it up to that point (assuming I can find peoples to play it). The demo would probably be something small, an old plantation manor where you're tasked with assasinating the fictional florida governor to put and end to his kraut collaberation. It gives me an oppurtunity to work in all of the most major systems the game needs to work, and experiment with a mini open world (that being the plantation estate and its sprawling gardens) before moving onto the real deal.

Today I've been working on cats, a cooking system, animating and fixing the cataracts I seem to have given all of my enemies' AI when I unkowingly deleted/added some code somewhere.

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