becher bar (psp)

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this is a remake of becher bar created in 2001 for the becherovka game 2001 competition
i played this game a long time ago on my pc

becher bar was originally made in 'peter' a game development application for windows 95/98
similar to your klik & plays and your game makers

this version was made for the psp so it can run on a psp, vita, or a psp emulator

this is like if someone remade 'gravity burger car' for the wii u in 10 years

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An event


Wow I used to play Becher

Wow I used to play Becher Bar a lot for some reason. Excited to try this out

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I don't have a PSP, so I'll try an emulator, so I haven't played this game yet, but I'm inspired by these graphics! The UI here looks great. I love the green text on black background, the 'textured brown'. The cutout looking ingredients are inspiring along with the mint green flat liquid. I'm excited to press the buttons, however I'm able to on a PSP. I'll ask my friend that has a PSP to "download" it or whatever so I can play it at the bar that he works at while he is working. I'm sure he'll allow me to do that.

Looks great! Wow!