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"As Miss Miep awoke one morning from uncertain dreams, she found herself in her bed an absolutely tiny mouse, transformed!"

Meet Miep, the protagonist of my next major game: Magnificent Mouse Misadventures! She has one goal in mind: become an adorable mouse!

It will be released when it is ready. Please be patient.

( Ignore that the font sucks right now >n< )

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The Love of Gemma and Ofelia

Hoo! Never use the blog feature sorry.
anyway i spent the last 3 months writing a story about a cat n mouse who fall in love!
please promo if you can i spent 3 months on this >w<

and comment!? on itch. or here if you'd like
and for the first time, you can pay me for a thing because im not infringing on

...turning a fable on its head!

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