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All So Green: A Knytt level for St. Patrick's Day

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For this St. Patrick's Day I thought I'd make a tiny Knytt Story in celebration of the holiday. It's very short, only 4 screens big, and there's no ending, either. Still, I hope you enjoy it, in this season of vaguely green-themed cheer and good will.

(Sergio, I'm working on that thing, okay?)

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Title field is required

I am apathetic but I'm still idealistic and I argue on the internet with those who aren't and with bad people in general. All sorts of things upset me but I have indestructible self-esteem. You on the other hand are probably a better person than you think you are.

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For this year's Global Game Jam I worked with Matthew Gatland and Elliot Hayward to create a less sinful version of flickgame, with strict rules inspired by religious law and manifestos such as Dogme 95. I suspected it might go down well here, especially with people already familiar with flickgame, since we didn't put much effort into explaining the original interface. Check it out, and fill the gallery with your anonymous creations.

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The Classic Round Numbered Node Remembrance Thread

Node 10000 marks a special, arbitrary milestone in Glorious Trainwrecks history. How far we've come since those heady days of node 1000 or node 100! Reminisce about your favourite nodes here.

(Previous content was posted by a spambot, as is somehow vaguely fitting. They posted a picture of a shoe.)

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I'm going to upload my New Year's Eve game.

So I made some sort of personal project where I start making a game on New Year's Eve and then I finish making it. Eventually. Preferably before the next New Year's Eve.

I started this thing on 31 December 2014, and I finished it somewhere in early autumn or so. Now I will release it on this New Year's Eve.

This is actually fairly long, with a developed storyline, several levels and multiple endings! So I'm hoping I will get some feedback and attention in general. I like attention.

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sekret santa

been doing little things for this over the last few days, now i'll do it, maybe the last game i'll have on this website for a while

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Poor Thing update


Hai there,

Just like last year, I am taking December off from working on Poor Thing. For almost whole year I have been tinkering with it daily and it is making my head spin a little. Furthermore, after nearly nobody bothered to play the Grey Nether I felt more than a little disheartened and making games has taken a backseat to other activities for now. I want to recharge my batteries a little, gain perspective and some new ideas. And I promise to get back to it come 2016, and really push things forward. And maybe by the end of next year I will have something wobbly and brittle to show off, a demo of sorts.

Bless you all and see you soon

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The story of my first trainwreck's Proper development.

So, when I make games, I always have plans, writing down the scripts and systems, the setting, mechanics, storylines, sometimes I plan small, sometimes I plan big-ish, and then I get stuck on something. Sometimes I pick the game up after a few months, add to it, and then get stuck again. Two days ago I was just brainstorming on some other game, inventing an absurdly complicated scoring system on the fly. I did a bunch of pixel-arty stuff and then I lost my attention.

At some point later I noticed that I have left the image editor open on blank white 320x240 canvas. So I just randomly scribbled a black wavy line across the middle, and then filled the bottom with black. Since the result was something wave-like, I filled the bottom with dark blue and the top with light blue. Then I thought it would be better with light blue waves and dark blue sky, so I absentmindedly clicked Invert Colors. This resulted in the majestic yellowish alien landscape you can see prominently displayed in Proper. It looked like an interesting setup for some game, so I scribbled two 48x48 squares. What would that mean? I thought that the puzzle about copying a shape may be the simplest way to utilize these squares in a way that would be interesting. Copying made me think of conformism, so I added something resembling a story. And a hour or two ago, Proper suddenly came into existence on my hard drive.

What is the moral here?


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ghame being near c o mpletion

i completed most of what i originally planned, now i am moving forward to throwing in the stuff that would really make it feel right to me

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Eat the poison 4 entry 2

the ideas are coming together very slowly, i'll keep going until i'm somewhat happy with it

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