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Bedtime Adventure is a game I made in RPG Maker 2000 to help facilitate sleep (except for my own, when I was making it). Can you help Alice through all her bedtime routines? Brush your teeth, brush your hair, and make some art from the heart! Featuring changeable music and system skins! Takes about 5-10 minutes to play. (Definitely took longer than that to make.) Windows only.

(Please let me know of any glitches or crashes when playing! I haven't tested it on a machine without RPG Maker 2000 Value installed.)

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I'm pretty sure I don't have

I'm pretty sure I don't have anything RPG Maker 2000 on my current computer, though I might have installed some version of the RTP for another game. In any case, it worked fine, and I encountered no bugs whatsoever. In fact, it's incredibly polished… I get the impression you're a pretty skilled RPG Maker user, even though I'm not sure I've played another RPG Maker game from you. I really enjoyed reading all the bedtime stories… for obvious reasons. And now I'm off to bed myself!

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Thank you! I wouldn't say

Thank you! I wouldn't say I'm skilled at RPG Maker so much as just kind of anal about switches and variables and everything. But thanks for the compliment, anyway! And the bedtime stories were fun to come up with.

Now I just gotta work on expanding it. I'm worried that if I add too much it'll just come off as repetitive and ruin the game's charm, but on the other hand, the player should at least brush their teeth again after eating the snack. And there's a year-long event going on at for Alpacas in games that require a twenty-minute playtime... That's probably longer than I can manage, but I think if it's 10-15 minutes or so they'll let me fudge it.

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What a lovely game

This is possibly the cutest game i've played this year so far.
Loved the music. Loved the adorable main character.
Fantastic atmosphere.

Sleepytime Alpaca is best alpaca.

Keep up the good work :D

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Thank you! Hope you play

Thank you! Hope you play many cute games throughout the year.

This is super cute! The

This is super cute! The closet part was my favourite.

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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Okay, I've made an update!

Okay, I've made an update! If you're interested and have some spare time, please look it over for any issues.