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Horse at the Hearth SMUT


The most definite RPG Maker 2000 erotica fanfiction game.

  • Full Motion Video
  • Voice synchronization, also with german tts
  • Computer-generated story
  • Polyamory
  • Custom Battle System (hot!)
  • Only 62 MB!!

Mostly only explicit writing, some human and horse nude body performance.
Partly explicit sound effects, play with headphones.


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this is my entry for bo-tober.

i put it together in RPG Maker over the course of a few evenings.
it's not very long and it's very easy, but i still had fun making it.

You are Captain Spoops! The legendary heroine​​!
You are out to defeat your very spooky nemesis: THe big spooky!

have fun!

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Bedtime Adventure

Bedtime screenshot1.png

Bedtime Adventure is a game I made in RPG Maker 2000 to help facilitate sleep (except for my own, when I was making it). Can you help Alice through all her bedtime routines? Brush your teeth, brush your hair, and make some art from the heart! Featuring changeable music and system skins! Takes about 5-10 minutes to play. (Definitely took longer than that to make.) Windows only.

(Please let me know of any glitches or crashes when playing! I haven't tested it on a machine without RPG Maker 2000 Value installed.)

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The Fair


arrow-keys to move,
'Space' is the action-button.

Sorry about this being Windows only. I plan to use a more compatible version of RPGMaker once it is released for future projects.

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"I don't like Mondays" or "Who Really is the Cookiest Ghost in the Land?" or "Third time's the charm"


This is the first game in RPG Maker or RPG Maker 2003 that I ever made! I watched a bunch of tutorials and they told me to make this game, so here it is!

Tell me if you have any problems running this game.

Have fun!

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Happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it! (This game has nothing to do with thanksgiving, though)

I made this game tonight after still being somewhat inebriated from earlier and not being able to sleep. It probably doesn't make sense / is total nonsense but enjoy!

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The Assassination


Watch a royal assassination play out in slow motion before your very eyes. Discover your part in these strange events.


Side note: This was originally meant to be a submission to last week's klik of the month, but as you can see I'm a little late.

It was meant to play out over two hours, but then I realized that there's no way to make RPG Maker run while minimized. So I bumped up the time-scale a lot and now it just takes a few minutes. I don't think the effect is quite the same, but oh well.

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Hero's Realm


Welcome to an original and exciting quest!

(originally based on a game submitted to Pirate Kart V that has since been deleted)

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Heroes Realm


God against the forces of evil, Satan, Adventure, Mephistocles RPG on this, we have four teams, the main character. Should check with the cave village of dungeons, towers, and steps, and explore tée caves, but defeat evil forces that are changing the nature of the four! The classic RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest V and the third kingdom of fun nostalgia joguinejo hero RPG of the old school.

  • (Master of the base class class 12 4 the secret hero of the first class, three out of±three) the category of 22 characters
  • Game content and tons of side quests
  • NES and SNES RPG era in the classical period
  • (As is the case in the Tower of FFVI Kefka!) To replace the multi-party system
  • (At least 5 of them!) Tactical battle of multi-party
  • Big map of the world
  • Fun

    History and divided the first four chapters each devoted to a new champion, in f–ve parts, in Section 5 are collected.

    How can you not think children: First: ChaptÌ8 1?
    You may have to move on to something fishy ... Chapter 2:
    Land of the Rising Sun Chapter 3:
    True calling: Chapter 4
    War on Terror: Chapter 5

    To go to the (Z) or the work "to finD your foot, press the Escape transformation, (X) or down", "Stop / stock

    Additional information is available (and the proof of the game). http://82/ ~ V X [ ÛÔ @ & Ä u¤ ) t R ² V < þ VI 'Ô Û `  ø¤ Ž K 6 N² î   ¬I

    Juliette Porée
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