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Milon's Secret Hell


Join Milon as he dies and goes to Hell!

- Meet new good friends!
- Jump on enemies like it's 86!
- Pure arcade fun!
- Discover five secret rooms!
- A sequel we've been waiting for 38 years (28 in Japan)!

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I wanna be the Oblique Torment


A really stupid I Wanna Be The Guy Fangame.

It's inspired by another fangame called "I wanna be the Hereditary Baldness 2"

It's long and it's frustratingly hard too. I can't even beat it (it isn't impossible though, other people have beaten it.)

There are debug controls left in so if you get sick of the difficulty, you can just use them.

For more ""info"" and screenshots, see the itch page:

I'm currently working on a sequel that's actually pretty decent so look forward to that I guess

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Jumper 4 Real (v0.7.1)


here's jumper 4 real right now. it comes with a pretty nice editor, a help file, a tutorial levelset, a recreation of some levels from jumper 2, and two short probably way too hard levelsets. and some other junk. and my own music.

the version listed as for linux is just the original .love source; j4r hasn't been tested for any platform other than windows.
(though when i was testing the exe in the "windows version" the music randomly cut out at one point, so installing love and running the .love version is probably the most stable)

assuming that the game actually works right now unlike cute jump 2 on launch, you can make your own levelsets and share them with other people. yay. cool. if it doesn't work tell me and then i'll fix it. yay. cool.

ogmo 4ever.

OCTOBER 31ST 2023: version update from v0.6.0 to v0.7.1. added gems, lightbridges, new sfx (no more SMW rips), and control rebinding menu. among other stuff. check the changelog ingame (press F1) for more details

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Space Funeral 3D


Space Funeral 3D, the genderbending life-action space-opera sequel to the 2010 hit classic. Space Funeral 3D takes place a million-billion years after Phillip's and Leg Horse's last outing and includes new characters and settings, state-of-the-art 3D technology, an officially compiled soundtrack and many strange secrets to be unraveled in the lands of Space Funeral.


I. Download KateLabs from and put the 'spacefuneral3d.kl' file into the KateLabs folder.

II. Start KateLabs and load the level. Make sure to DISABLE 'Edit Mode' in the menu!

III. Please start the following playlist and let it run in the background. It is the unofficial Space Funeral 3D soundtrack:

IV. Blood Blood Blood


Q: What is this fleshy prison that you've trapped me in?? How do I control this form?
A: Use WASD to move around and SPACE to jump. You can interact with things or talk to people with ENTER, watch for the prompt in the bottom corner! You might learn more advanced controls ingame...

Q: HELP! I fell off the FERRY! -or- HELP! I fell under the OCEAN floor?!!?!? AAAAAHHhh!!!
A: There will be an emergency TELEPORT back to the OCEAN near the start of the level. Just go up the escalator once you've respawned.

Q: Everything is LAGGY!
A: Remember to disable EDIT MODE before loading the level.

Q: Where is the MUSIC?
A: Please start this playlist once you've loaded the game:

Q: How do I get past the bouncer and enter BACKSTAGE?
A: Do you like DUMPSTERS??

Q: How did LEG HORSE become HAND HORSE?
A: Trademark dispute.

Q: How do I defeat the MISTRESS OF LOFT AND SPIRE in the SKULL SEWERS? I've used all my TESSERACTS but now the MISTRESS is continually egressing and I can only buff TRAP MAGIC???
A: ?????????????????????????


Space Funeral 3D was created by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers over a timespan of about half a year (with most of that time taken up by the map file just lying around and accumulating dust). Someone accidentally dug up the project just in time for the deadline of Kate's Informal Katelabs Jam (, so now you have to suffer through this mess. Play it or perish!

Thanks to Kate for creating such a fun game/tool! Thank you to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for preemptively composing the soundtrack for Space Funeral 3D half a century ago. Thank you to thecatamites for inspiring the original character of Hand Horse™. Thank you to all Space Funeral fangame makers, especially all those that never published their work anywhere and just left their beautifully unfinished RPG Maker projects germinating in some subfolder. Also thank you to Nintendo for providing the Mario™ license to Camelot Software Planning - where would we be without them?

spiders & krisekrise
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Bowser, I Love You.


Bowser, I Love You
KoopaTroop909 ||| Review by Mariken S.
Here’s a queer one- and I mean that in the most literal sense of homosexuality. Bowser, I Love You is a fan game of the Super Mario franchise which concerns the turtle-like nemesis of Mario in a more romantic spotlight than usual. That is, the usual is a vague, cartoonish approximation of heterosexuality; a grim parody of Saint George and the Dragon. The Princess is kidnapped by the turtle-dragon named Bowser, and Super Mario promptly vanquishes the villain in the scope of about an hour. Revisionist fairy tales love to focus on the maligned monsters, and now such a trend has come to the sphere of computer games! In the pseudonymous nature of the internet, the creator of this game calls himself “KoopaTroop909”, the word Koopa is in fact the name of Bowser’s henchmen and his name in the Japanese editions of the Super Mario Bros. games. Clearly, this man is devoted to Bowser even in his choice of username.
The usage of the first person pronoun in the title clearly invokes a most intimate sentiment. Yet, who is the pronoun referring to: the player avatar who is thankfully not Mario or to the creator of the game, our dear KoopaTroop909? There is the titular confession at the beginning of the quest, yes, but this does not cancel out the maker’s sentiments as well. Could the hero of the story not feel genuine affection for the tyrant turtle? I suppose putting the player’s sentiments into the hero could create something to that effect. It is a well known fact that games of a production caliber not up to snuff are often played simply to gawk and mock at it by performative players. We ought to assume good faith of a hypothetical player and their assumed concern of Bowser.
The game begins with a mockery of Super Mario, Blaurio, making his way to the castle of the villain. He proclaims his unending devotion and love to Bowser with a bouquet of flowers. The King, in shock, comically sets the flowers and Blaurio alight! He accuses the hero character of being a spy for Mario, to which the hero refuses. Yet, outside the text of the game, the creator KoopaTroop909 serves this character in a roundabout manner. Even in a game where Mario is antagonized, he is still there! He is a prefabrication of what many people believe to be computer games, an easy semiotic so to speak. It is free advertising anytime he is inserted into a game, there is no escape. Regardless of this, Bowser demands the decapitated head of Mario— a quite un-Nintendo proposition. Blaurio agrees and sets off on an adventure.
The actual game play is of little interest. It functions as one would expect a Super Mario game to be: you jump, you squash and you die! Thankfully there are only four worlds with three levels apiece, if there were any more I think I would have given up. There is a nice touch being that instead of turtles, you face the bumbling servants of Princess Toadstool named Toad en masse. Anyone learned of this fiction’s setting (which is a surprising amount of people given the statistics of the Super Mario Wiki) knows that the turtles and brown mushrooms are the underlings of Bowser and thus it would be illogical for the player to fight them. The green dinosaur Yoshi is a halfway point boss who lobs green eggs at the player, thankfully it was not too difficult. The final world is a peaceful white and red castle in which the dreadful Mario inhabits. Blaurio faces off against Mario in a surprisingly and annoyingly difficult battle. At the end of the battle, the axe seen at the concluding levels of the original Super Mario Bros is used in a fantastic fashion that can probably be inferred from the previous paragraph. Suffice to write, Bowser reciprocates Blaurio’s love.
The credits say the usual— Nintendo’s ever-present dominion on copyright and giving thanks to all the people who extracted artwork from the computer games in a presumably illicit manner. The one unusual thing is KoopaTroop909 describing his intimidation with other men, his blooming bisexuality and his entryway through the love of Bowser, the turtle king. It is a small piece of the whole game but I think it is what makes it worth playing. It’s a sort of real life to virtual life connection, on how the two can influence and metamorphose each other. I give much praise to KoopaTroop909 for this odd little gem.

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Shallotwings 97


so when we ever go to a potluck my antistatic glare she always asks me did you remember to bring your coat and i say yes my bonespur and he says how long do we have to stay at this damn thing anyway and i tell them oh the next five thousand years hun this where they're gonna find us in the cold lava rock just ashes in a pocket of air and then just
they always
form into a ball and bark, dribbling butter all over the patio

cut to black, 1.1s

anyw** i made this ages ago from a time when i had time and it seemed like maybe if it were on the table then the potluck would look bigger, just by having another cling-wrapped platter, neverminding the food's expired, etc, by a few years, i

pilotwings 64 was a source of solace once now a fond memory, we were driven to build a new one to give someone else that solace in the age of turgid copyright golems and four or less types of AAA game but! of course it's hard, much too hard, and of course attention wanders, ghosts visit us for tea, little nothings crawl out of the floorboards and mumble softly around our shins and knees
i mean
this is all i've made to that end thus far and set down in the soft stinking clay of the internet


[ed. note: blinking/possible epilepsy warning on level 2. music credit goes to "Uncle Milk" via the recently-acquired Free Music Archive ( game may not work properly if not played fullscreen -- please send reports, though we can't guarantee that the author is still capable of fixing it, what with Unity versions having marched onward by years and months and weeks and evenings, unto the fabled land of Wild Things, sitting by a window, sadly pondering the duty of love, of incompatibilities in human needs, of how many breaths one might need to even finish this sentence good luck]

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Horse at the Hearth SMUT


The most definite RPG Maker 2000 erotica fanfiction game.

  • Full Motion Video
  • Voice synchronization, also with german tts
  • Computer-generated story
  • Polyamory
  • Custom Battle System (hot!)
  • Only 62 MB!!

Mostly only explicit writing, some human and horse nude body performance.
Partly explicit sound effects, play with headphones.


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REHOST OF Jumper: Opposing Forces


(NOTE: contains some gory graphics in World 5 and maybe the intro cutscene, much nicer outside of that)

The classic Jumper fangame you love and love now has a download link on a site that still exists! Not only that, but this site has NO sketchy malware whatsoever! And if that's not enough bang for your lack of buck, said download link is also completely free of viruses! (virodes?) It DOES force your screen resolution to 600x480 or somewhere around that, but it kindly reverts back to your main resolution once you stop playing it. The download link, Jumper OF.7z, is just above this text!

But what IS Jumper: Opposing Forces? According to the readme,
"Jumper Opposing Forces is created as a spin off from YoMamasMama's popular Jumper Games. Its taking time during the J1 timeline and puts you in charge of two different characters. The gameplay is very similar to what you are familiar with, if you have played any of the other games, so hopefully you will feel at home with it. Be warned though, the game is rather hardcore so it will be quite a challenge to run through it."
What that fails to mention is that it's also a crossover with Half-Life, and there's one area in particular with a lot of fictional-creature-gore in it. If that all sounds okay, then go ahead!

But wait, is all this still not enough? Really? Like, rea- an additional savefile with ALL the Get Ogmo stages beaten, SEVERAL Thief Mode stages also beaten, and ONE secret character unlocked is also available, so now you can have even more resources for the built-in level editor! Download it HERE BUT PLEASE DO NOT CONFFUSE THIS WITH THE DOWNLOAD FOR THE FULL GAME, WHICH YOU CAN FIND ABOVE THIS TEXT! Anyways, if you get more progress on that savefile, feel free to re-upload it in the comments! Yeah!

But wait AGAIN, I don't know if it runs properly on Mac/Linux, nor do I know if any Mac/Linux downloads exist. Sorry.

Upon downloading, extract the .7z file using 7-zip. Or go find and use PeaZip and in case this message is being viewed in an apocalyptic future where 7-zip has no official download site either.

TheMordeus, The_Freik, Erik Ambring, Lord Tomahawk, Dabomstew (original concept by Maddy Thorson/YoMamasMama)
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Johnny 666


A Kimberly Kubus fangame, made with good intentions. Johnny lives forever!!!

For more games go to:

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Cave Sporey 2


A marker game sequel to Cave Sporey.

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