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Space Funeral 3D, the genderbending life-action space-opera sequel to the 2010 hit classic. Space Funeral 3D takes place a million-billion years after Phillip's and Leg Horse's last outing and includes new characters and settings, state-of-the-art 3D technology, an officially compiled soundtrack and many strange secrets to be unraveled in the lands of Space Funeral.


I. Download KateLabs from and put the 'spacefuneral3d.kl' file into the KateLabs folder.

II. Start KateLabs and load the level. Make sure to DISABLE 'Edit Mode' in the menu!

III. Please start the following playlist and let it run in the background. It is the unofficial Space Funeral 3D soundtrack:

IV. Blood Blood Blood


Q: What is this fleshy prison that you've trapped me in?? How do I control this form?
A: Use WASD to move around and SPACE to jump. You can interact with things or talk to people with ENTER, watch for the prompt in the bottom corner! You might learn more advanced controls ingame...

Q: HELP! I fell off the FERRY! -or- HELP! I fell under the OCEAN floor?!!?!? AAAAAHHhh!!!
A: There will be an emergency TELEPORT back to the OCEAN near the start of the level. Just go up the escalator once you've respawned.

Q: Everything is LAGGY!
A: Remember to disable EDIT MODE before loading the level.

Q: Where is the MUSIC?
A: Please start this playlist once you've loaded the game:

Q: How do I get past the bouncer and enter BACKSTAGE?
A: Do you like DUMPSTERS??

Q: How did LEG HORSE become HAND HORSE?
A: Trademark dispute.

Q: How do I defeat the MISTRESS OF LOFT AND SPIRE in the SKULL SEWERS? I've used all my TESSERACTS but now the MISTRESS is continually egressing and I can only buff TRAP MAGIC???
A: ?????????????????????????


Space Funeral 3D was created by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers over a timespan of about half a year (with most of that time taken up by the map file just lying around and accumulating dust). Someone accidentally dug up the project just in time for the deadline of Kate's Informal Katelabs Jam (, so now you have to suffer through this mess. Play it or perish!

Thanks to Kate for creating such a fun game/tool! Thank you to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for preemptively composing the soundtrack for Space Funeral 3D half a century ago. Thank you to thecatamites for inspiring the original character of Hand Horse™. Thank you to all Space Funeral fangame makers, especially all those that never published their work anywhere and just left their beautifully unfinished RPG Maker projects germinating in some subfolder. Also thank you to Nintendo for providing the Mario™ license to Camelot Software Planning - where would we be without them?

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I made sure to listen to the

I made sure to listen to the playlist while playing. it definitely helped set the mood... and certain notes kicked in at interesting times. as I emerged in the first room the music stirred. as I first got onto the raft, the music took a slightly nautical turn. at least to me it did. how well were you predicting the player's movements that this turned out this way?????

also I love the way you emulated space funeral's coffin save points, it's the most I've seen the character of the game treated as the character in a story

there were some things I was really curious how you pulled off so well such as the hand horse appearing on the raft and allowing it to travel. travelling to the enticing other island was a great feeling

I also like how you aknowledge the existence of the secret move that only exists because it was a bug but I kept it in anyway: the Roll Jump.

all in all this does so many things I've never seen before and is huge... I also love how it has its own soundtrack. I love it

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Thank you! I did arrange the

Thank you! I did arrange the music in an order that I thought would somehow fit with the order in which you play through the level. It's not timed really, but I'm still glad it fitted for your playthrough! That's so cool to hear :> I hope you consider adding some music functionality (maybe even with an option for custom sound files like with textures?) some time.
The raft was fun to figure out how to achieve. Hand horse is actually on the raft the whole time (so in both places) but just hidden in an inconspicuous barrel at the start. And once you talk to hand horse in the club the barrel gets moved down under the floor, therefore revealing hand horse on the raft!
So the same way the textboxes are done but just in reverse. :>

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I enjoy it.

I enjoy it.