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1HGJ Vol. 2


This is a compilation of One Hour Game Jam submissions incorporating all of 1HGJ Vol. 1, plus every submission I made in 2018, plus a few bonus games.

I struggled to make this my last release of 2018, but as a first release of 2019 it's not bad either. Please enjoy!

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$1.3 Game


$1.3 Game (pronounced one point three dollar game) is the first completed sequel to $13 Game following a couple of aborted attempts. It was made for One Hour Game Jam #175 (Theme: Charge) but actually took me slightly over 2 hours to make. It uses one button: spacebar.

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Soccer Judge 2: The Inciting Incident


A follow-up to Soccer Judge: The Revenge, sadly made without Liam's involvement this time. Hopefully I can bring him on board for Soccer Judge 3.

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Watch Ducks Legacy


WHITHER the POINTS you've gotten? Have they disappeared into the abyss? NO MORE!

Now your POINTS can last FOREVER!

In this game, YOU will WATCH DUCKS from a PARK BENCH.

WATCH the DUCKS and get POINTS! The game ends when you hit ESC! Get as many POINTS as you can!

The latest entry in the long-running WATCH DUCKS series, WATCH DUCKS LEGACY keeps your points and allows you to keep them on for eternity. New bonuses and secrets abound!

  • First new WATCH DUCKS game in five years!
  • Auto-save feature keeps every point you get!
  • Retains gold and silver duck enhancements from Watch Ducks II!
  • New ducks!
  • New two-color sprites and higher resolution (240x200)!
  • Many secrets!
Press F4 to toggle fullscreen! Press F to change window resolution! Press Q to quit!

Please enjoy this very late entry to the anniversary celebration, a sequel to the very first game I submitted to the site!

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Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator: 2017 Edition


The contemporary remaster of Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator that the fans demanded.

Background animations by Bees & Bombs.
Sound sampled from chibi-tech - Neuromageddon (arthur x medic remix).
Submitted jointly and belatedly to Slice of Life 2017.

Use the arrow keys to move... to the eXtreme.

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Mega Mountain 2100


Mega Mountain 2100 is a "climbing platformer metroidvania" without an ability to jump that's an unofficial sequel to the Glorious Trainwrecks classic Mega Mountain.

It's heavily inspired by indie classics like Cave Story, Undertale and Mega Mountain.

The game isn't finished yet. The game *.exe and the page are placeholders and everything can change at any time.

- not too much, it's a demo.

(C) 2017 Adrian Makes Games. Original Mega Mountain by sylvie. Made with love.

Adrian Makes Games
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Cave Sporey 2


A marker game sequel to Cave Sporey.

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This Is Not Thirty Levels


It's a sequel to This Is Not A Level! I'm prouder of this one, but that could just be the elation of 30 hours without sleep talking. The music is from She Screams by oddlogic. The challenges are all original this time (or subconsciously plagiarised).

Using Knytt Stories Plus is strongly recommended, but not compulsory.

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Super Orange Tycoon Thing 2 - The Mystery Of The Lemons


They say there was once a guy who managed to find a way to use "Fruit Alchemy" to create Strawberries out of nowhere, and turn them into delicious Oranges. He also managed to gain enough money from his invention to buy a luxurious manor. After the news of his success spread, more people have started learning the art of Fruit Alchemy, there are even people who claim they can create Lemons, a mysterious fruit of which not much is known. But anyways, you decided it was time to make it big, and used your life earnings to buy a small patch of land and hire one of these "Fruit Alchemists". Hopefully, you have what it takes to be an...

Orange Tycoon

Super Orange Tycoon Thing 2 - The Mystery Of The Lemons, the sequel nobody was waiting for! Top features of this game include:
- All the characters from the first game, plus a few more.
- An advanced upgrade system (For KnP standards, at least).
- Cookie Clicker-like hiring system.
- Too many fruits 7.8/10.
- 10 to 15 minutes worth of gameplay on a single frame.
Mouse used to control everything. You can press F1 for instructions on how to play. But for the proper experience i recommend you figure things out yourself as they appear.

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