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New Jersey Transit


here is a game about trains
inspired by these other train games
games in this train simulation meme

i started working on it some time in october after jake's came out but it has been inspired by all of these

also sorta inspired by airplane mode

this is a game you are supposed to enact for others. like, i would show this to people and play the instruments and tell a story, i mean, you can do whatever you want with this i'm not going to stop you or i could stop you i could swat you but, that's not my style, my style is different than that style okay okay, thank you for playing the game or at least reading this okay thanks sincerely, the train

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Hack Your Face


1 large game (2 medium games), 3 small games, 1 medium game

produced by 000, 888, DEN, EIT, FF2, and GIS

The project files are included, so you can edit these if you'd like. If you do so, read the README.txt.

If you would like to participate in upcoming releases,
either join the DISCORD
or email us at jrpgcombatsystems @ gmail . com

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Quiet Mouse Loud


cw: this work briefly touches on:
existential dread,
organ failure,
radiation poisoning,
skin blemishes,

In this game you play as a mouse in a maze. I think the rest of the game speaks for itself.
I'm happy with the way this ended up going. It's like "art" I guess.
Code source can be provided upon request, and I think you could make a mac build with that.

Attached below is a 32 bit windows version of the game, in case you need it.

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Spheniscidaeaphobia - Blood on the Snow


Spheniscidaeaphobia (it's the fear of penguins, believe it or not) - Blood on the Snow
A game for let-off-studios!
Sorry man for the late gift!

This little game is about a polar bear that is sick of the penguins always eating all of his fish - so he sets out to kill them all.

It is an endless wave game, the penguins get meaner, faster and more deadlier for every wave you complete.
You can also upgrade some of your stats and equipments every wave so to better meet your opponents!

I made it to wave 35-ish, I reckon it will be totally unplayable by wave 60 or something! Hehe. Those little penguins get really mean as you progress...


WASD keys - move player
mouse - aim
Left mouse - shoot MP5
Right mouse - launch grenade

Known bugs:

* Sometimes grenades explode in your face. It doesn't hurt you - it's just annoying that it's wasted.
* Sometimes enemies die off screen - it doesn't effect gameplay, just consider it a bonus :)
* There MAY be a bug with the hi-score stats - however it also doesn't effect gameplay, just annoying if your stats are messed up.

Merry late Christmas! Hope you enjoy! :D
Also, if you have any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know. I'm considering polishing this game and releasing it...

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Fighting Game


An experience for 2 men. Women can play this game if they want to, but they won't be able to fully understand it since it deals with concepts that are elemental to the male psyche such as 'manliness', 'being a man', 'grunting at another man' and 'punching another man'.

Punch the other man's head, torso, upper legs, and lower legs before they punch yours.

Pilot your fist using the arrow keys.

Press your 'charge' button to charge forward with a more powerful punch. You can use this to destroy pieces of the other man's arm as well as his fist.

Press your 'punch' button to explode your fist and teleport back to your body. Use this to defend against the other man.

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the killers


Made in RPGM VXA - just a small game i made this morning

i like JRPG tropes: the idea of impossible foes/battles designed as real but are in fact scripted (to lose) and the idea of hero destiny (the heroes can't lose 'cause that's how the game was written) are common in JRPGs since their inception. i think it's pretty cool when you're playing a JRPG and you think it's a hopeless boss fight but it's just a really hard regular boss fight and you let the boss kill you.

the killers is also informed by the stories 'the killers' & 'a good man is hard to find'

thanks for playing (▰˘◡˘▰)

Nilson Carroll
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Undead Death 95


What happens underneath your skin, in the big city? Bloodstains fight. Causing more bloodstains. It's a 9.5-second fight to the death.
Undead Death 95.

This is a 2 PLAYER GAME, made in about 2 hours in Scratch after my twitter bot generated the title and I thought it'd make a good game concept for Underneath the Sidewalk mayhaps.

audio from Wolf Eyes


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Life, death and mushrooms

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.10.04 PM.png

a surreal exploration game, contains blood, so beware !

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For Vampirkat: The (Christmas) Quest of Vampire Kitty to Eat Kiwis And Worship Satan

kitty screeny.png

Vampire Kitty must get to the red inverted cross to worship Satan, but her TUMMY IS SO SMALL. Make sure she doesn't go BLOOD CRAZY (and then die) by monitoring the blood scale at the top and eating kiwis along the way!

But watch out! The mobile cross brigade is trying to destroy even the CUTEST OF VAMPIRES! Don't touch the blue crosses or vampire kitty will be sad.



Here is the original song in the game - I don't think you can really hear the whole thing while playing.

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MUHAMMAD 5 The verwourren TimeSpaceDoor


The decades of suffering are over! Muhammad 5 is finally released worldwide!
Because at least 0.3 people played Muhammad 1-4, the wonderful and epic finale to the Muhammad pentalogy is finally released worldwide!
You wanted it so it is finally released worldwide!

The Timespacedoor has been opened!
Muhammad III woke up in old Berulohr caves 40 years after his adventure in Muhammad 4 and received the task to find Muhammad I, Muhammad I the King, and Muhammad II in order to defeat the evil Sak, a mysterious new villain who opened the timespacedoor to destroy the past and make him the king of the world.

What an awful plan.

Now all the Muhammads are on a magical journey through time and space to defeat Sak and make the world happy again.

-Bigger and better than every other game
-more than 274897432974092749027490724720947920³ Levels
-not as hard as Muhammad 4
-Finally released worldwide!
-Not Professor EagleEye
-Better story than Inception
-Better story than Bionicle

Play it.

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