Train Simulator

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What if Travis Bickle drove a train?

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video game

This feels like a very cubist interpretation of train simulations. Something about it feels like a really round about way of simulating that experience. There's a group of train fanatics in NY call rail fans. One would come over to parties of mine in my apartment and try and get people to record audio for the train announcements in his train simulations. I haven't seen him in a while but I wonder if he would appreciate this

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It feeling like "a really

It feeling like "a really round about way of simulating that experience" is probably because it evolved into being a train simulator out of playing around with Clickteam; I sort of improvised a game. I think the initial impetus was something more like the toddler's toy we call an 'activity centre' in the UK and I think might be called a 'busy box' in the US; i.e. I wanted to make a thing in which you had a lot of buttons to press and things happened.

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I like the visual style of

I like the visual style of the world a lot... I can't tell if it was prerendered or not and I like how detailed it seems to be.

I figured out how to make the train go fast and slow down and then I made it just travel as fast as I could. Then I started hitting buttons and the sounds and images popping up had a real comedy to it. I couldn't stop myself from laughing somehow

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It is pre-rendered. 600

It is pre-rendered. 600 frames of animation churned out using Blitz3D's GrabImage. But then I had to shrink the images really small or file size for the whole game would have been too big - and I rather liked how it ended up looking. It would have made more sense to actually make the thing in Blitz itself but I was just wanting to test out some things in Clickteam. I'm glad you found it funny, I have to say that something about the sounds - real train horns - made me smile too.

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pre rendered absolutely!!!

pre rendered absolutely!!! Next time you can switch color to indexed instead of scaling down if you want that effect. The outside reminds me of LSD dream simulator but the inside and silly buttons reminds me of a children's idea of train controls.

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I just ran a test on

I just ran a test on something else I'm working on and the use of indexed colour did make a significant difference in filesize - I'd never been too sure about how Clickteam handles images internally. Although for 600 frames I think I would still have had to scale down as well. The fact that the buttons remind you of a child's idea of train controls may be something to do with the fact that, as I mentioned when replying to everythingistaken, the initial impetus was something more like the toddler's toy we call an 'activity centre' in the UK and I think might be called a 'busy box' in the US.

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as a former child i have

as a former child i have never heard of busy box or activity centre

as a former child i am

as a former child i am familiar with the activity centre but did not experience it myself, at least not to my knowledge

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i haven't seen taxi driver but will be doing so soon, should i watch that before i play this

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No need. In my head, there's

No need. In my head, there's sort of a theme around sentimentality, loneliness and delusion that relates to the character in the film in a way - but it's so tangential that you may not even get it if you do know the film; it was just in the back of my mind as I was putting it together. People seem to be finding it funny rather than anything else, treating it for what it is - a silly toy masquerading as a train simulator.

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man, i'm really curious

man, i'm really curious about it too now. When I played it I was struck by the way the stock photos pictures of trains appear- like archetypes of trains, the ur-train. And how some of the pictures have these beautiful women in them, with that souvenir postcard quality. Sentimentality is a good word for it that I hadn't thought of while I was playing.

really enjoyed that. however

really enjoyed that. however the train horns hurt my ears and I didn't like them. would have enjoyed more melodic train horn sounds, those ones piss me off, sorry hahaha. i was doing a similar thing with my taxi game but this is way better, all the interactions and the images that pop up are a great touch. the prerenderd bg is surprisingly immersive, so simple but effective

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god I love this. great

god I love this. great combination of expectations vs results vs experiences. the photo pop-ups are maybe my favourite part. I was gonna ask until I saw you answer in another comment, but the pre-rendered video for the bg is brilliant.

ps. some of the sfx were a bit harsh for me but I really liked the variety, fun to mash around with sometimes