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epilogue simulator


1 large game, 5 small games

produced by 000, 497, 888, EIT, DEN, NTC, and TSM

The project files are included, so you can edit these if you'd like. If you do so, read the README.txt.

If you would like to participate in upcoming releases,
either join the DISCORD
or email us at jrpgcombatsystems @ gmail . com

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Secret of the Wumpus



Can you discover the Secret of the Wumpus?

Made for the Wumpus Jam on itch.io.


Move around with the WASD or Arrow Keys. When prompted to, you can advance text by pressing spacebar. Secret of the Wumpus takes about 5-10 minutes to play through. It has multiple endings depending on your choices. Every ending will take you to the main menu to let you explore other options.

Downloadable Version

If the browser embed on itch.io doesn't work for you, or you'd rather save it to play later, you can download the desktop version of Secret of the Wumpus. Although it comes in Windows exe format, it should also be fully compatible with Linux and Mac operating systems using WINE!


Programs used: Clickteam Fusion 2.5, MS Paint, GIMP, Audacity
Fonts: Fixedsys, Rubik
birds, bugs: Clickteam, packaged with TGF1
wind, howling: recorded by me
fire: Cryostasis
cave ambience: LittleRobotSoundFactory on freesound.org. Modified and used under Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0

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House and Garden


what a curious spot to build a house

update 2: should be extra fixed now? there are no longer any ks+ no-climbs, at least. also slight change to sea-stone pool.

Healy & hugs
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You are a person.

You walk using the arrow keys.

Don't get barked at too much.

Walk into door.

Then other things.


I've made some noticeable changes to this game since the original 2 hour event. If you want to see the original klik of the month version, it's here.

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crudely designed level.png

explore a location !! unique environments, weird glitches ! if you got stuck, just wait, you go up !!

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Snow Bunnies


Just move around with the arrow keys and press Enter to interact with people.

Tell me what you think. Have fun.

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Go With


Go With - a game about going with people. Based off a spambot post.

After making several games that frankly had WAY too high production values, I made this one in roughly twenty minutes, Klik & Play style.

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A Quick One (Knytt Stories)


Here is a short, simple Knytt level. I tried to stretch myself a little, narratively speaking, by telling a story with as few words as possible, but I don't think I was entirely successful. Oh well!

Trivial trivia: This is not the first level I started that takes its title from a Who song, but it is the first one that I finished! Also, note that the song and level have absolutely nothing besides the title in common. (I think.)

Edit: Fixed a really obvious void. Like, dang girl, what was I thinking, leaving a void like that unaccounted for?

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Vector the Crocodile Walks Through Great Art


Join Vector the Crocodile as he walks through a sampling of the world's great art!

(X jumps)

EDIT: Turns out the Vector sprite is courtesy of Yuski. Thank you, Yuski!

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