A Flash Jumping Space Game of Awesome!
Space is Jump (You CAN double jump)
"S" key is shrink down - making you smaller, and throwing you to the ground quickly (necessary to learn this control if you want to get a good score).

It's a simple avoider style game, where the things to avoid come round the planet you're perched on, in your obviously-not-a-portal-companion-cube-ripoff character.

Gordon D Mckendrick
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Frozen Planetini


This is a quick game, inspired primarily by forum posts describing ZiGGURAT, a game I have not yet played or seen footage of. It is also a continuation of the themes of Make Me a Moon and Satellalune, as well as the gravity-well aiming oddities of Super Calamity Annie Galaxy.

Your tiny planet has grown icy as its sun grows old. To get closer to its sun, you'll have to float through hostile Gellitron territory. Use the North Pole Turret to bounce shots off your planet's shiny exterior to launch them at foes! Red shots do three times the damage of yellow shots.

Click and drag above the planet to fire shots. The farther you click, the higher they will arc.

Leon Arnott
Made For: 
An event
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