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Flight Simulator 20XX Infinity


Pilot across skylines, oceans, deserts, real mountain ranges, real-time weather simulations, the planets and beyond... EVERY. ATOM. PROCEDURAL.

How to play:

1. Squint really really hard
2. Have a dear friend softly whisper in your ear: "You are playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020... You are playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020..."
3. Press 'H' to view list of controls

Sponsored by Bing Maps.

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the YEAR is 2044. YOU are a down-on-your-luck private investigator, trying to eke out a living amongst the MEGACORPs and CRIMINAL SYNDICATES of the post-industrial METROPOLIS.

an amnesiac detective...
a mysterious face...
a betrayal...
please play this music in the background as you explore the world of CYBUNK.
[rated PEGI 18 - mature themes]

(another one of these. after the events of the american election, everyone should probably familiarise themselves with survival techniques for horrible cyberpunk dystopias. all material used was stolen/repurposed from google images)

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KAZ: Boss, do you copy? *RADIO STATIC* It's me, Kaz. We need you to come out of retirement for one last job. The Soviets have encroached onto Pakistani territory, and have built a reinforced structure which intel suggests contains a weapon of unimaginablely destructive potential. Nobody else can handle the magnitude of the task, Boss. We need you.


BIG BOSS: I'll do it.

[ ****HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SEQUEL***** to the hit video game METAL GEAR SOLID 5. complete the dangerous mission with the help of your trusty friend D-Moose. NOTE FROM HIDEO KOJIMA: "Please play the following song on youtube while you play METAL GEAR SOLID 6. Thank you and god bless, and keep gameing."]

fortune palace
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Get ready for the most high tech game to ever go on anything ever. Its also the most fun game to go on anything ever and the most best game and also everything.

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Pirate Kart 2
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