metal gear solid

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KAZ: Boss, do you copy? *RADIO STATIC* It's me, Kaz. We need you to come out of retirement for one last job. The Soviets have encroached onto Pakistani territory, and have built a reinforced structure which intel suggests contains a weapon of unimaginablely destructive potential. Nobody else can handle the magnitude of the task, Boss. We need you.


BIG BOSS: I'll do it.

[ ****HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SEQUEL***** to the hit video game METAL GEAR SOLID 5. complete the dangerous mission with the help of your trusty friend D-Moose. NOTE FROM HIDEO KOJIMA: "Please play the following song on youtube while you play METAL GEAR SOLID 6. Thank you and god bless, and keep gameing."]

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Mozart Go Intranet III: Hell no Nazo


while i was making this my mood kept constantly jumping between everything being fucking hilarious or depressing

i hope this one's good

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Melville Gear Solid


ugh so tired why am I doing this i have real work to do

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Pirate Kart 2
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