Mozart Go Intranet III: Hell no Nazo

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while i was making this my mood kept constantly jumping between everything being fucking hilarious or depressing

i hope this one's good

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An event


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Don't use "Restart current

Don't use "Restart current frame"! It causes ladders to break.

Use "Jump to frame" and set the expression to "frame" (without quotes) instead.

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never experienced this

do you mean jump to the same frame instead of restarting? alternatively i could just substitute the ladders with blocks (i almost never use ladders but havent had problems)

edit: uploaded a new version, see does it work now

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I like the way you

I like the way you occasionally make the horrible grammar referential (soninc the hengehonk, hell's satans etc.) but it also breaks immersion... by which I mean, makes me remember the game I wasn't actually made by some kid over a decade ago. Which is OK? I'm not entirely sure why I'm even mentioning this.

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i admit it didn't work too well (for whatever it's supposed to accomplish) here because there was so much text

noyb: might make the key part less annoying, i just did something completely random there and rolled with it

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Ragequit at the key level.

Ragequit at the key level.

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i've failed on that level

i've failed on that level too.

This game is going to be most harder installament of the series of all time.