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A game about "imagining the process required to reach the pinnacle".

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The Beauty of a Falling Leaf


A sequel to Inching, from 1HGJ Vol. 1. Made for One Hour Game Jam #180 (Theme: Falling). Press space to drift in the wind.

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minigolf, but they're levels made from existing games, and they're only kinda minigolf


so last night the gallery associated with my mfa art program put on a minigolf art show...

and in the pic at the top, you can see people at a table playing games. that's my stuff, i did a doom wad and a vvvvvv level loosely based on minigolf...

the vvvvvv level was done with the make and play edition, which is free. the regular vvvvvv is not.

"Enjoy! To distribute your level for other people to play, go find the .VVVVVV file in your Documents folder. (On windows, that should be in My Documents/VVVVVV, on Mac it's Documents/VVVVVV, on Linux ~/.VVVVVV). You can play other people's levels by copying files into this directory." here

here are other people's holes!

kayla thompson

laura hughes, based of azad's drawing

andrew campbell

i do'nt kn=ow who did this )O:

krista raasch

-oh and the curvy photo in the main image is by jonathan bagby. the small blue one is by mandy keithly. i don't know who did the one in the corner.

i'm also including the doom stuff, but note that doom and doom ii are not free. but there is a thing called freedoom that is doom basically made from scratch, and you can use that. i want to put less emphasis on these doom files because not free stuff goes against the spirit of glorious trainwrecks, i think... even though the text here is longer for this than vvvvvv

the doom wad is called 'Minigolf, but the balls are rockets and the holes are flaming skulls of Doom"
it's a really easy set of 9 tiny levels, made mostly for people who aren't experienced at doom
i'm not posting it on the idgames archive because i want to try to make my wads pacifist. i just didn't have time to figure out how to do that because i made the 9 maps the day of the show

so what you're supposed to do is open the minigolf.pk3 file with doom (usually gzdoom or chocolate doom) and it should run. if not:
a. unzip the zip file
b. open minigolf 1.wad with doom 2
c. with minigolf 2.wad, it'll probably open up with the first doom level and not this map... so in this case, open up the console (~) and type "map map02" and it will take you there.
d. repeat with levels 3-9. "map map03", "map map04", etc.
yeah this is a mess and that's because there's not really any decent documentation on how to package .wads. i'm not very good at this kind of stuff quite yet. it's my first time releasing maps of any sort

i think when i have time, i'll try to figure it out proper.

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Rhymes with Art


Rhyming can be fun
But there's more than one!
Flickgames convey
Whatever I say.

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Angel Museum

47 instar alph.png

Originally uploaded in 2015.


WASD to move, space to jump.

Marie Gevaudan
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Breach's Murmur: TraumRock


Breach's Murmur: Traumrock

Traumrock - The german word for Dream Rock? What mysterious phrase to withhold.

Breach's Murmur - Traumrock

WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Mouse - Look

Marie Gevaudan
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ghost boy cries for the horrors of the world that he's powerless to stop

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 8.15.51 PM.png

mmmm it's pretty flippant, i admit
i'll make one about candy tomorrow

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