Super Vadimka


Super Vadimka - rside-scrolling platformer developed by the genius developer VadimBallzGame was released on October 20, 2021. It contains more than 73 brutal levels to survive scary places to kill enemies of other monsters and the main antagonist of Dr. Kulik.

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Super Vadimka III Enter ALJ


Super Vadimka 3 Enter ALJ - the side-scrolling platformer developed by VadimBallzGame was released on May 10, 2022. The last war is a continuation of the previous parts. Super Vadimka and Super Vadimka II Revenge of Dr. Kulik the third part you have to go through more realistic to learn new adventures.

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Super Vadimka II Revenge of Dr. Kulik


Super Vadimka II Revenge of Dr. Kulik - a side-scrolling platformer partially based on January 4, 2022 was released on current Windows is a sequel. Super Vadimka after the event of the first part, the action takes place in the second, the scandalous villain has returned. Dr. Kulechek dreams of destroying the world.

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calm mood rain sounds forest mushrooms


for marek mkapolk love u

calm mood
rain sounds

link to the Quaddicted page for this map:

rain sounds:

"oram" by fridge: (it was playing when i was writing that part)



note: although this was made for the quake engine, it's meant to be a twine. i'll post link to the map but you have to own quake in order to play it tomrow dec31 iis.]O:

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Endless adventuring!


This is a purposefully bad game made for the Game Breaker's Toolkit jam 4 (where the goal is to make the worst possible game) it took about a week to make.

Join HERO on his EPIC ADVENTURE where he will complete QUESTS and meet many FRIENDS.


WASD/Arrow keys: move
Spacebar: use spells (all of them)
Left click (hold) move friend around
Right cick a friend to become that friend
R: restart (very important)
F4: fullscreen (windows only and also not recommended at all)


- HERO: is here to do QUESTS and meet FRIENDS
- PRINCESS: doesn't want to stay in a castle, just wants to fight.
- IMPS: they terrorize the land
- GUARDS: they guard castles and sometimes they do war.
- THIEVES: they steal your stats, so watch out!
- BIG BOSS MONSTERS: they hurt a lot so try to grind a lot before fighting them.
- Tͮͬ̆̊͆ͭͧ̍̐ͨ͆̒͏̨̛̖̬͎͚̞̰̗͔̪̰̬̯͎̜̻͉̰͝ͅḨ̴̣̹̹̩̰͈̼̟͉̼̮̹̳̝̖̬̣͈̇̄̄̓̓ͭ̑̓̀ͦͨͯ͆ͪͨ̚͡͞E̢̡͗̄̉́̕̕҉͖̺̣̣̟̙̼̱̭̟̥̪͈̜ ͮͭͭ̅̆̎ͯ̾ͨͣ́͝҉̠̰̤̬ͅC̵̷͍̠̜̳̗̰̩͈̻̠̲͒͗̽ͤ̈̈́ͣ̓̉̃̍͌ͨ̀̚̕U̴̴̞̠̳̲̠̘͎͈̲̯͈̟̦͇͇̬̹͑̿ͫͩ̓ͭ̿͗͘R̡͚̺̩͉̞͔͇̩͓̳̬͓͓͙͓̬ͭ̅͋̀̿̑̀̕͟͡S̷̨̨̤̤̬̞̩͓͔̣̺̣̬̤ͬ͛̔́̅͗̓͗̌̈́ͮͮ̆̕͟E̢̠͎̮̼̦͈̹̼̻͖̫͍̦͕̟̦̹̥ͨ̑̊ͣ̃ͮ͒͋͛͆̓ͭ̇͗̽͋ͬ́͘͠: it wants you dead. Do not summon.

Sound effects by Oxane

Full soundtrack:

Adrien Dittrick and Oxane
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fun and cute

fun and cute.jpg


♥ u can only choose one path at a time
♥ but u can play multiple times if u want

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Sexy Egress Backpacked X-ray - for Stranger


A Sekret Santa Krampus Klikmas present for Stranger!

Use mouse, play until the credits roll.
(If mouse scroll is too uncomfortable for you, you can also use L, but this is not recommended)

See ingame, but special thanks to krisekrise and jucaxcutie. And thanks to everyone from this year's klikmas event!

For Klikmas this year I would like a game involving a highly detailed interactive backpack. That's all I want, but I'll add some of my thoughts below.

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The List (for hellojed)

TheListItchio v3.png


Elizabeth the elephant is like any other inhabitant of the tree-top community of Pleasant Animal Village. She spends her days in the forest, idle but happy, surrounded by friends, although in constant fear of the flock of airplanes that threaten to ruin her way of life. Wait, what? Yes, indeed, everyone is worried about these strange metal beasts that pollute the air physically and aurally. They cause great havoc for ground dwellers, and they are getting closer and closer to the village... Nobody knows what to do about it. Elizabeth, however, is willing to try anything! Guide her as she explores the village, talks to her friends, and tries to save the day. But most of all, have fun!


The List is a light-hearted adventure game with simple platforming, a few minigames, and a focus on dialogue. It should take 2-3 hours to finish. Due to the length, and amount of reading, I recommend playing it over multiple sessions. Should you need help progressing in the game, or if want to make sure you find every item, there is an extensive walkthrough included.

Linux Compatibility

You can play The List on Linux using WINE! The game has been completely playtested using WINE on Ubuntu. If you are using 64-bit Linux, and the game starts without any sound, you might be missing 32-bit libraries for your default sound device. As a common example, if your setup is PulseAudio on 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu, you can install 32-bit libraries using the apt-get utility: apt-get install libpulse0:i386


The List is a game by Nikki Bee. It's also available on for Pay What You Want! I spent a long time on the game, and donations are appreciated. The entire soundtrack was done by Christopher Psukhe. It's included with the game in medium quality Ogg Vorbis format, as well as the original MIDI format. It's also available in other formats on his Bandcamp! Further credits are available in "Credits.txt".

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Underwater adventure!


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The Mystery Of Glow-Peak (for akair)


Akair asked for:

What I want for christmas:
* Snow
* mysteries
* puzzles
* RPG and/or action adventure
* bright happy colors.

Oh you want action-adventure??? You came to the right place!!

In "The Mystery Of Glow-Peak" you play as a lady investigating the mystery of a green, glowing mountain. Fight your way through a bunch of dungeons with hand-to-hand combat! Several different weapons of varying strength! And much more!!! Oh also I tried getting some puzzles in but I seem to have ended up with platforming instead. This just happens when an experiment doesn't quite work, I guess! Hope you like platforming!!! If not, you DO NOW!!

I put health bars in this game even though I said I was swearing off them for a bit. Had to be done!!!!

There's snow! You can even step in the snow and it deforms beneath your feet.

Errr... Bright colours. This was the brightest pallette I managed to work with, given the cave setting


Arrow keys/ WASD/ left stick: Move
V/Y button: Roll
C/LB button: Action/centre camera
X/RB button: Lock-on
Z/X button: Attack
Space/A button: Jump
Enter/back button: Select weapon
Esc/start button: Pause

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