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Fri, Nov 27 2020 11:45 AM
11/27/2020 - 11:45
01/08/2021 - 11:45

Welcome to GT’s sekret santa, the event where people make a list of things they like to see, and then those lists are randomly assigned to other participants to make a present for them.

Do you wanna participate? Here’s how it will go:

First, before DECEMBER 8TH you have to make and comment a list of things you would be interested in seeing in your present. Please keep in mind that your Santa may have a different skillset than what you’re expecting, and try to make your requests achievable by all sorts of people.

Then, after DECEMBER 8TH I’ll secretly send you a person’s list, and then you get to make them a present!! You’ll have a month to do it but it’s alright if you give your gift late, there’s no pressure.


Along with the list, you’ll also be sent a link to one of the discord servers for the event. The person who you’re making a game for and the person who is making your game will not be in the same server as you, so you can share how your progress is going with some peers.

Maybe you’re interested, but this seems like a lot of commitment. Well, there are other roles available to keep this event running smoothly. You can sign up to be a Sekret Fairey , which means you get access to all of the servers and you can see how everyone’s doing. Or you can sign up to be a Backup Santa , which means you can jump in if someone can’t finish their gift. These roles don’t submit lists, so they can join at any time.

as an aside, hello. I'm not the usual host but things happen, yanno?



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I wish to be a Sekret

I wish to be a Sekret Fairey. Good luck, everyone!

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hello! i'm gonna a santa and

hello! i'm gonna a santa and create gift
my own wish list:

  • projectiles
  • secret passages
  • flight

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hi! I wanna join this

hi! I wanna join this time~

* cute, relaxing, cozy vibes
* exploration! exploring beautiful or mysterious worlds
* soft pastel colors
* bunnies
* gay
* plants and flowers
* furry/anthropomorphic characters

to my santa: don't worry too much about trying to do everything on my wishlist. this is just to give an idea of things I like and stuff, feel free to use as many or few as you want! I'm sure I'll love whatever you make me, just have fun!

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summer fun santa

Here's my wishlist. Please don't strain yourself while working on this, because I'm probably gonna make something small myself.

1: RPG cliches (dialogue stuff, money has a weird name, big swords etc)
2: Middle period James Ferraro (2008-2010). Examples Below cw for fake gore effects
Feel free to just rip his music or maybe just make an environment inspired by the music
3: Summer Fun Yoda

Summer Fun Yoda rpgmaker compatible sprites by fotocopiadora

yodaSummer.png48.11 KB
yodaProfileT.png2.21 KB
UltimateYoda.png3.71 KB
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Big old RPG Maker websites

Big old RPG Maker websites flashbacks with that Yoda.

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This year for klikmas I

This year for klikmas I want...
* Calm mood
* Rain sounds
* Forest
* Mushrooms

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Me please! me please!I

Me please! me please!

I can't think of much this year, but:

- If you could use video in some interesting way I would really like that.

If that's not doable here are some things I generally like:

- Blurry N64 textures.
- Slow things.
- This big koala and other big things:
- Games where you roll a ball but the ball is a funny shape so it rolls funny.
- Lottie from Animal Crossing (except the new one wtf ningdongdog).
- Web shrines (you can totally make me a cool website and put it on neocities, no game needed)
- Games you can make music with,
- - and generally games that you can make stuff with.
- Linux version (sorry).

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by "use video in some

by "use video in some interesting way" all I can think of is FMV games haha

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that's the first thing I

that's the first thing I thought of too hehe

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This year...

For Chrissymas it would be cool to have any kind of story. If that's not fun or possible I also love cats.

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Hi Santa, Frogs High Score

Hi Santa,

  • Frogs
  • High Score
  • Apples
  • Alphabet

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My list for Santa

Lots of easter eggs ... not literal easter eggs ... you know, sekret videogamey easter ... erm ... christmas eggs.
Xena Warrior Princess (you could be the very first participant in my dream of filling the world with Xena fan games).
... If you don't know anything about Xena or don't like it then a vague nod towards it will do.

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Would like to join as a

Would like to join as a Fairy-ey-ie

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hello here is the official

hello here is the official spiral wishlist

- happy bunnies
- nice messages
- rocks
- put in a cool sword
- computer technology

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Yes hello hi it's time to

Yes hello hi it's time to santa

I like
and furries
and cozy stuff
and puns

It's 0:35 at the moment but I do need o write now so I can enter, will expand a bit tomorrow.

I'll try and upload some character art late if you want to have a stab at that but you don't have to.

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I can't provide a game this

I can't provide a game this year, but I CAN provide an abundance of Fairey dust!

Schrödinger's Santa

If the total number of Santas when signups close, not including sylvie, is even, I will join as a Fairey.

If the total number of Santas when signups close, not including sylvie, is odd, I will join as a Santa with this wishlist:

  • Cute
  • Colorful
  • Cat box
  • Decay
  • Poison
  • Witches
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

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Santas Activate!

The period for submitting lists is OVER! You can still post here if you want to be a fairey or a backup santa.

If you post a list here now, you might be able to be participate, depending on how many latecomers there are.

If you've already posted a list, check your GT inbox to see who you're making a gift for! I will be sending you that information very soon!

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