magic spheres (for blueberry soft)

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hello here is my Video Game
regrettably, i wasn't able to do anything interesting with video, and i wasn't able to get a linux version, but i have tested it under WINE and it works there

game doesn't tell you this, but you can press alt+enter to full screen

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An event


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very difficult puzzle game I

very difficult puzzle game I dont know how the green orb works

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From the readme:


green "spheres":
move half as fast as red sphere, behaves in funny ways:
a: if a green sphere moves over an empty tile, it will start a rolling animation
b: if the green sphere moves over another empty tile while its rolling animation is playing,
it will stop the animation and change its movement direction, rotating counter-clockwise

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Only just started, but

Only just started, but mirror puzzles are a thing I keep forgetting to put on my KK list actually!

Also nice graphics!!

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I've only finished the first

I've only finished the first row of stages 'cause I'm playing with the level editor too much :)