Platypus goes for a drive

Game File: 

Use the arrows keys and Up keys to boost and left and right arrows keys to steer your car left and right and up to boost

Music by:

Game by: Jake Clover

Game made with: Game Maker Studio 2

3D backgrounds made with: Unity

Video footage from:

Sound effects found on: and made with: Audacity

Mushroom cloud gif by: Trending Videos (Youtube)

Made For: 
An event


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I really like this. I like

I really like this. I like the fact that the vehicle selection is really the point - I mean it IS a driving game but the point of it is not what you expect it to be in a driving game. I played them all at least once. The snake and the Katapillar were my favourites. I need to explore this more as I suspect that there are quite a few things I may have missed. There are so many nice little touches - liked the randomised title bar. Couldn't figure out if I was supposed to make some sort of story out of the video clips.

Glad you like it. I

Glad you like it. I considered this game a bit of a failure but decided to share it anyway. yeah the vehicle selecting ended up becoming the focus of the game. The video clips were fun to do but maybe they don't quite work.

the first video clip was a story about the platypus seeing cool cars and then escaping the dude and going to the beach and then hijacking a hot air balloon. The second video clip was meant to be driving to the river cos he wants to get to the river.

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amazing ending vvery good

amazing ending
vvery good game
special game

Thanks so much

Thanks so much

haha, that's platypus looks

haha, that's platypus looks cute. ill happy if that platypus being my driver xD