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Critter Constellations


Arrange the insects (and spiders) so that the lines do not overlap. 

Arachnophobia? You can hide spiders in the setting! (gear symbol)

(Drag the interface element on the line to the left to start the game)

"Critter Constellations" was a little holliday project, that I finally got to finish. I would describe it as a small atmospheric puzzle game with low-res/ps1 graphics. If you find planarity games as relaxing as I do, or like insects, you should take a look, even if only to forget about it in a browser tab and wonder where the wonderful soundtrack by spiders comes from.

Credits: Gameplay based on "Planarity" by John Tantalo: https://planarity.net/​ Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planarity

Music and Soundeffects by spiders: https://spiderzone.itch.io/

3D Modells and Textures:
Earthhole: "WW Studios" Joshua Whitney (https://www.uudigital.us/)​​, "Pit in Ground" on Blenderkit​ (https://www.blenderkit.com/get-blenderkit/8ee9f80b-b787-4849-ab4b-6ef5dac32b01/), edited by Jonas Eschner

Bolder: (unknown artist), "Stone" on Blenderkit​ (https://www.blenderkit.com/get-blenderkit/9590648d-d0fd-4b46-9dd9-db45446c2997/), edited by Jonas Eschner

Font: PicNic by Marielle Nils(https://instagram.com/mariel.nils): https://velvetyne.fr/fonts/picnic/


Pickup: kissPop3 by MagnificentMood:​ https://freesound.org/people/MagnificentMood/sounds/74515/

Grasshopper singing by zouliangqaz​: https://freesound.org/people/zouliangqaz/sounds/578702/ 

flying_insect by reg7783​: https://freesound.org/people/reg7783/sounds/135646/

Cicady - nature insect sound by reg7783​: https://freesound.org/people/bolkmar/sounds/427547/

insect_bee_fly_buzz.wav​ by bajko​:​ https://freesound.org/people/bajko/sounds/328398/

Insect buzz scurry heast bug electrical distorted pbol 77mel 190906.flac​ by TRP: https://freesound.org/people/TRP/sounds/574092/

Backgroundsounds: Autumn leaves falling on forest floor, moderate wind (loopable)​ by Mjeno:​​ https://freesound.org/people/Mjeno/sounds/405140/

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Property Damage

Screenshot 2022-03-15 034606.png

in this game, your objective is to cover all the targets, and then move onto the "goal" square. simple!

bert of wibi; fiend of wibi as honorary adding-himself-to-the-GT-credits-right-now executive advisor
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gost but with flamethrower


flamethrower a bunch of crates in this new innovative puzzle game inspired by stephen's sausage roll (unconsciously) (and without the good bits)

gost of wibi
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Help the tiny little mouse collect all the cheese by sweeping a safe path for them, avoiding all the traps in the way!

The game currently doesn't have a tutorial, sorry about that, so I highly recommend reading the included "how to play.txt". It contains all the controls and instructions on how to play. A tutorial might be added in a future version!

But here are the basic controls:
arrow keys - move the mouse, sweep, place flags
X or shift - toggle between placing flags or sweeping
escape - start a new level

Thank you for playing!

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Roglobau Blagoloo

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.25.02 PM.png

wow it's been a while since i made this game (august 2018) !

it was fun collaboratively building the dictionary with people

excited to see how other people approached this jam prompt

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Push blocks, Listen to gud music, and veg out.

luv u trainwrueks.jpg

Push blocks, listen to good music, and veg out. Its as simple as that buudy, but if you mess up, stick a fork in yourself cause your done deal and your going back to the start.

In this game you will be forced to confront the big questions. Should you live your life as other people tell you, simply to fit in (or because they own a monopoly on state violence and will use it to their full advantage if u dont submit)? Push blocks, Listen to gud music, Veg out. Only then, can you reach your final conclusion.

(short game I made to practice the battle system in OHHRPG, which, as always, warped into something else entirely during development. Have fun!)
(windows tested only)

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Deserting the Army cause your shoes don't fit right and you're actually a frog in disguise




It is day 5 of your march towards an uncertain future. Your shiny new pair of leather boots has grown old and bitter. It may be durable but it was clearly not designed for your soft and shiny feet.

You must secretly fall behind the others, leave the troops, sell your boots and start a new life somewhere in the marshlands...



WASD or Arrow Keys to move, dont touch your fellow soldiers or the general will see right through your plans!



drum sound by robertmcdonald on freesound.org:

GameOver and Winning Screen and title by pferd-am-herd:

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Binky Eats Cake


Hi, I'm Blake.

This Game I made a long time ago, but gisbrecht wanted me to post it here, so I remade the original and made it dragon ball themed and put the original here.

I made this game because I found this dragon that looked a lot like Binky.

Binky is by gisbrecht

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CATZONE (for fotocopiadora)


A short lil puzzle game made for Santa In Spring! Hope you enjoy!

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Seaborg's Manor

recording (1).gif

Your name is Seaborg and you have inherited a manor. However, you become trapped in the manor. Can you escape?

The music is "Ricardo Villalobos - Frank Mueller Melodram"

Sometimes bitsy games can be kind of frustrating so here's a short guide:

-Go straight left from the starting point in the manor

-Go in the kitchen and go down to the wine cellar to get the Eyeball of Communion

-Go back up through the kitchen to the King's Suite. Talk to the king and get his letter

-Go back to the gate and up the stairs on the right to get to the pool

-Go in the architect's bag and use the glasses to solve the maze and get the code

-Go up the west stairs to the archive room, get the directions using the code

-Go all the way to the right, past the courtyard

-Go to the cemetery to the right and inspect the large grave. Follow the instructions on it to get 1 ending, disregard them to get the other

-Go in the tower, up the stairs, and fall into the dungeon

-Follow the directions from the archive. In the last room, a shadow is there. He tell you the final direction. Go out of the dungeon

-Talk to the queen. Then, take her letter and fall off the tower to the left

-Retrace your steps and talk to the king again. He gives you the key to the manor. Inspect the lock to the left of the main gate to escape the manor

-Go to the bank in the bottom right of town. Based on your decision regarding the grave, talking to the teller will result in 1 of 2 different endings.

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