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Mariken Muis - Quinto Camino


Small Selection of Tracks Originally Intended for Domino Club VI

1: Data Chant (Remix of Databending by QUEENJAZZ)
2: Fortrans
3: Corridor (Remix of Incense Fills The Air by spdrcstl x queenjazz)
Thanks for listening.

Mariken Muis.
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test your mouse knowledge;
original game design by everythingstaken

left click - pick a picture
esc - quit game

everythingstaken music by fotocopiadora
quinn k for telling me how to say [WORD]

please spoiler or rot13 your solutions.


Mariken S.
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Trans-Mousegirl Adventure


This game is dedicated to all the trans friends I have <3

content warnings for: pee joke, non-explicit bad endings.

Choose your own adventure: You are a little trans mousegirl who needs to get some food and medicine, but watch out, for a catgirl stalks to the house!

Made in Candle's Tape Window Engine.

Music Used:
"Away" and "New House" Laika & the Tape Loops!

SFX used:
"Chuột Cống 3" by SieuAmThanh
"cat meowing" by nekoninja

[Download Instructions: Unzip folder and launch index.html , no localhost needed]

Mariken S.
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Kitteys Fruit (BETA) feat. Dizzy and Heavy


I met some friends in April and we made some art for a game!!

this is a beta version... music and other stuff will be added later!!!

art by mariken, dizzy and heavy
dizzy's twitter -
heavy's website - (to be added)

This is Kitteys Fruit --
get the fruit, get the high score, be the kittey.

controls --
any key - next frame in introductions
arrow keys - move
spacebar - dash move, become invulnerable for a short amount of time. watch your energy meter!

special thanks --
sylvie for typing the word kittey a lot

Mariken, Dizzy and Heavy
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Rosemary's House Mouse


15TH Anniversary GAME 1 / ??

You are a house mouse in rosemary's mansion in spookane. enjoy!

art / audio from MOTHER

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Help the tiny little mouse collect all the cheese by sweeping a safe path for them, avoiding all the traps in the way!

The game currently doesn't have a tutorial, sorry about that, so I highly recommend reading the included "how to play.txt". It contains all the controls and instructions on how to play. A tutorial might be added in a future version!

But here are the basic controls:
arrow keys - move the mouse, sweep, place flags
X or shift - toggle between placing flags or sweeping
escape - start a new level

Thank you for playing!

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Mouse Box


In memory of all the dead mice.

In memory of all the dead mice.
Enjoy watching these mice for me.
In memory of all the dead mice.

Paperclip Mouse Number 0-∞
Peanutbutter Mouse Number 0-∞
Blueberry Mouse Number 0-∞
Mayo Mouse Number 0-∞
Socks Mouse Number 0-∞
Peppercorn Mouse Number 0-∞
Jeremy Beetle

credits and works cited

  1. gisbrecht - 11 Photos Mario Drawing Mouse Design
  2. ihavefivehat - 1 Background
  3. mno - 20 Photoshopped Photos Mario Drawing
  4. Alternative Play Practices by flan
  5. WATCH DUCKS! by thesycophant - (I traced this game for the intro sequence)

In memory of all the dead mice.

In memory of all the dead mice.

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An event
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mouse sector


​a small constellation full of mysteries

"earth is so far away now ... "

thank you for your patience... i took so long to finish this video game... but it's here now... in space... full of mice and rats


programming, art, music:

cool ideas, testing:
mariken s.

sound effects:
zabuhailo @
peacewaves @
shyguy014 @

BINKY character and model by mariken s.

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An event
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A Muddle Of Mice


A Muddle of Mice
A Puddle of Price
What lay within labyrinthe?

A small game made with the mouse pack assets. You can still use them if you want, Even after the jam? Don't worry, my other mouse game will come eventually!

Click on Maze A or Maze B to begin.

Try to find your way out of each respective maze.


W - Forward
A - Rotate Left
D - Rotate Right
S - Backwards (Slower!)
R - Toggle Automove
E - Toggle Camera Rotation (It can get dizzy)
1 through 6 - Change Mouse Costume


Art by MarikenG
Music by MarikenG
Sound Effects from 3D Movie Maker and Roblox

Hope you enjoy!

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An event

Little Mouse Maze


It is a little maze for the mouse to wander around in and collect cheese.

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An event
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