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Quiet Mouse Loud


cw: this work briefly touches on:
existential dread,
organ failure,
radiation poisoning,
skin blemishes,

In this game you play as a mouse in a maze. I think the rest of the game speaks for itself.
I'm happy with the way this ended up going. It's like "art" I guess.
Code source can be provided upon request, and I think you could make a mac build with that.

Attached below is a 32 bit windows version of the game, in case you need it.

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Mice Mage : The Quest For The Cheese


This is the game I made for the Mouse In The Maze 60th Anniversary Jam.

It's a dungeon crawler and the goal of the game is to get to the cheese at the end of each level, but beware of the ghosts!

-Arrow Keys to move.
-Press Space to toggle attack mode (Note: You cannot move in attack mode).
-Press Control to shoot (while in attack mode).
-The Green bar represents your health.
-The Blue bar represents your mana.

NOTE: The game jam is 2 months, but I only had around two days to work on this. This is also a 3D game using a 2D engine, so don't expect much.

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ESTELLE, a short, small game made for the Mouse in the Maze 60th Anniversary Jam.

You are directing a mouse and must collect the cheese. Move the mouse with the ARROW KEYS. If you find that you are stuck or the cheese is inaccessible, press the -R- KEY to retrieve your mouse.

Go for a high score, and enjoy!

UPDATED 12 Jan 2019: Adjusted the movement so it's much more forgiving (and much less bouncy). Added a bit of background texture and adjusted the graphics for visibility. UPDATED 16 Feb 2019: High score should be recorded properly now. Minor fixes to the timer displays.

Sound effects made with LabChirp and BFXR. Everything else done by me in CT Fusion.

I had a lot of fun making this one, and found myself compulsively playing it. Once you've built your skills, the game can be quite satisfying.

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1hgj - Incan Gold De-Make


This is INCAN GOLD DE-MAKE, made for the One Hour Game Jam #164. The theme was Your Favourite Game, But In The Simplest Way Possible or something like that. My personal favourite tabletop card game is an old card game called Incan Gold AKA Diamant so I decided to make that. I'm surprised it came together as well as it did. This is a single player version, and I plan on adding in multiple players for hotseat play.

Use the mouse and left-click on EXPLORE or FLEE. When a card is revealed, click on the card to continue the game.
Follow instructions to continue through the entire five expeditions into the temple.

Try to collect as much gold as possible, and do your best to increase your high score! Playable in nearly any browser.

Game coding by me in Clickteam Fusion. Background music is "Desert" by DST/Deceased Superior Technician and found at the website. Artwork by me. Sound effects made by me in bfxr.


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The Silent Song of Spiders (Final Version Holy Moly I Did It Mom)

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.49.49 PM.png



use the mouse to move the arm

left click to grab

place objects in body to empty hand

you can grab multiple objects in one click, but not in multiple. This means that you must empty your hand before you grab more.

i made this over the course of one sick, miserable day.

i hope you enjoy it, or at least don't hate it.
please review it i need positive reinforcement


*to the person who wrote me that poem i saved it, im sorry it got deleted. this version was made using your commentary. ily*

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Morge The Mouse 2


This is an unfinished build of Morge the Mouse 2.

Explore the house with your Boyfriend Murray the Cat.
Jump around and find secrets!

WASD - move
E - sniff mode
SPACE - jump
Left Click - open doors, change channel on TV

You can download the OST here:

Marie Gevaudan
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Which Witch Is Which? (11/01/2009)


This is an old game that predates the current GT submission system. I am reuploading it so that all my GT games will show up on this page:*/sylvie

Which Witch Is Which? is a mouse-controlled witch-sorting high-score game.

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Morge The Mouse in: A Day at the Office


Originally Uploaded in 2015

Marie Gevaudan
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omynommy (PuzzleScript game)


just a tiny little thing
nom all the cheese
10 levels

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The cat
who asylumed
the mouse
company has
the power of
the mouses,
but only
one mouse
survivor is
the only one
mouse named
Destroy him
and bring the
mouse company

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