Belly Rub Rumble!


A belly rub simulator!

Many of us have rubbed a cat's belly, it purring in delight, only for it to suddenly turn on us and claw at us! This is a game that replicates that wonderful experience!

Rub the cat's belly up and down, but keep an eye on their face... if they look agitated at all, lift your finger before they pounce! Make sure you don't rub off their belly when they're enjoying themselves, too! It... displeases them.

For the dog lovers, there is also a puppy mode! There is no game over with the puppy, but it may guilt you into replaying if you stop rubbing their belly!

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office-zone with cat

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.51.28 AM.png

for hugs


WASD + mouse to move + look
Left-click to interact
Shift to run
Space to jump

Objective (optional?)

Play hide & seek with cat:
1. Embrace cat at home.
2. Click through text.
3. Cat blinks around office zone — catch it.
4. Click through text.
5. Repeat.
6. Quit anytime.

'Secret codes':
- welcome to the fantasy zone — reduce gravity (cumulative)
- varla - increase move + run speed (cumulative)
- wait - 80% chance cat will stay where it is for longer (cumulative)
- silence - toggle music (persists between play sessions & works everywhere)

Cat is different color in office zone. Also small. Often hiding (e.g. at end of dead-end alleys, on rooftops) but sometimes not.
You can walk up various building walls (clunky BethSoft style).
Chance plays a big role — if you’re focused on finding cat, playtime can be 5 seconds to 20+ minutes. That's okay.
Use 'secret codes'. Type the letter keys while you’re in office-zone. Spaces are optional.


Original building model is from the free "Town Houses Pack" by ChermandirKun on the Unity Asset store:!/content/42717
Pixelation, Color tweaks, and cat textures via Colorful FX by Thomas Hourdel:!/content/44845
Also used: the ProCore Bundle (!/content/15447) for reforming the building, making the cat, etc.

Audio is basically an attempt to sound like ~2000's era Boards of Canada (via recollection -- it's been a few years).
Audio features a loop (the sashaying cymbals) from "The Forge" bundle by Hecq, which was a free thingy via Ableton at some point.


Sorry for the lateness. I was very excited by hugs’ magnificent wish-list, and became painfully swollen with ambition. Decided to just cut off all the growing bits and let this little sprout die in the sunshine, not too far from the deadline.

Here is hugs excellent and inspiring wish-list:

things i would like:

• weird screen aspect ratios/pixel aspect ratios
• mixed resolution
• non-representational colour palettes
• chillness
• cosyness
• secret codes
• cat
• red key
• german expressionism
• welcome to the fantasy zone
• the feeling that things are going to be alright

of course don't feel obligated to cover everything or anything that's going to be too much of a pain to implement!

Obviously, I did not hit all of them.

Did you know that some very good German Expressionist films are freely available online?

The Golem: [\_893]
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: []
Nosferatu: [\_DVD\_quality]
From Morning to Midnight: []

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Cute Jump


This is a fan game of Matt Thorson's "Jumper" ( It is very difficult and a little bit strange.

This game was made with Game Maker 8.0, so it only runs on Windows, and is prone to crashing on Windows 8.

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Exoptable Money



Once, on a quiet sunday evening, you found a magical box that makes money. You take it home and decide to get richer and richer, with no end in sight. But you are not the only one who enjoys having money...

-Money, money, money, money, money
-New friends to have fun with
-Distinct personalities
-NOT cookie clicker and/or little inferno
-Beautiful soundtrack
-A cute fluffy cat

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Cat Sokoban


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Cat Party


This game is about a cat party. Use your skills and intuition to avoid getting stuck inside walls and have a good time at the party.

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mistur. kat hav noticed dat [name removed] hav been making unoriginal nd even nonsense sonic fangames series named tails advance, nd yu mus stahp him, enter n ai bizzarre, spaceshifting wurld ef arthur's sonic wurld n yuu mus git into his castle, befur hi keips making thees gaems. caen u dew et?

Mr. Cat has noticed that [name removed] has been making unoriginal and even nonsense sonic fangames series named Tails Advance, and you must stop him, enter in a bizzarre, spaceshifting world of Arthur's Sonic World and you must get into his castle, before he keeps making these games. Can you do it?

"Wow so cool" - IGN
"Mr. Cat is a great miracle" - GameStop
"Arthur is a little nerd in this game" - Chuck Norris

DrBlowhole20 (The game)
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The Cat's Misadventurous Adventure


This was my first game when i was on Windows Vista and started to use Klik n Play. You guide the cat into the Moon mens as walls and avoid the devil faces, when the cat dies, it emits a wolf sound.

Old description:

This is a stupid game i made for no reason, it consists a cat's stupid adventure.
Arrow keys - move your cat
Fire 2 - jump!!!!1
G - Restart the fuckin' level

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==original description follows==

This is my first game!

The nefarious DR. MOUTH has stolen the precious GEMS from the royal APPLE FAMILY while they were visting a soccer game in BRITON. Luckily, world famous soccer star RONALD CATJUMPER was playing at the game and witnessed the event. He was able to trap DR. MOUTH in the middle of the soccer field, but not before DR. MOUTH used his GRAVITY WORLD FLIPPER powered by the GEMS he stole to turn the entire place 90 degrees! It's up to RONALD CATJUMPER to use his powers to get back as many GEMS as possible. He only has 60 seconds to do so though, as right before the events listed here he put some POPCORN in the break room microwave, and somebody would be likely to nab it if he left it sitting there!

RONALD CATJUMPER has many amazing abilities, but unfortunately almost all of them are only useful in a game of soccer. However, there are three skills that will help him in his adventures today:

1) RONALD CATJUMPER is a master of movement! (used by pressing the ARROW KEYS) Even though the field is flipped, RONALD will use the walls of the stadium to keep from flying into the atmosphere
2) When RONALD jumps he turns into a CAT, giving him great leaping power (used by pressing SHIFT)
3) RONALD (PhD) is also a fantastic scientist, and brought a CLONING DEVICE he invented to the field, disguised as an ordinary trash can (used automatically)

When the game starts, 60 seconds will be on the timer, and 1 RONALD CATJUMPER, DR. MOUTH and GEM will be present on the field! DR. MOUTH has very slippery fingers, and tends to drop the GEMS very easily, most often when RONALD or a clone of him touches a GEM. If two GEMS touch each other, they will vanish back to safety in the hands of the ROYAL APPLE FAMILY. If no GEMS are present on the screen DR. MOUTH will be likely to drop another onto the field, but not before RONALD CATJUMPER can use the moment to create a CLONE of himself!

Good luck, players!

0-1: You are awful. You should be ashamed of yourself.
2-10: The ROYAL APPLE FAMILY will never see their money again. You jerk.
11-40: Pretty good, but DR. MOUTH has made off with most of the GEMS!
41-70: Great work!
71-100: You're awesome!
100+: You got more GEMS than there were in the first place! How the heck did you do that?

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Cat Gravity Simulator 2012


Guaranteed to be the WORST game you play today.

You take on the role of a poor cat who has been thrust into the world of gravity, falling to his possible death unless YOU, the intrepid player, is able to take control and make him land on his feet!

With random height and rotation! It's a moderately new experience every time!

Use your arrow keys left and right to rotate the cat. Watch out, he trembles! He's scared!

Press space to restart, and escape to quit.

Jonathan Ginn
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