Mr.Petes is lost! (for hugs)

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Game File (Linux): 
Game File: 

Move the paddles with arrow-keys or 'A' and 'D'.
'Space' adds upward force to the ball.
Alt+F4 to quit.

If your framerate makes it impossible to beat the first level, then contact @MoreRalphGames on Twitter for troubleshooting. Sorry about that, I made this on a beefy computer and didn't realize that this was a problem and optimization is out of the question at this point.

One option is to lower the graphics settings and/or resolution in the Unity opening dialogue. That should help a lot.

Made for hugs during the 2017 Sekret Santa Klikmas event.
I super enjoyed researching and being inspired by items on the list hugs provided:
mods for old games, games made with old tools, hackable games, vertex colours, blurry n64 textures, crimes, františek kobliha, peter tscherkassky, stenberg brothers, second person perspective, file_id.diz, unrealised futures, bootleg indonesian GTA, virtual machine, resolution mismatch, on which page of the manual does this appear?, fog, steve moraff, lyle in cube sector, out of memory, cracktros, keygens, good for screenshots, big money, big prizes, 4d sports tennis, australian christmas, have fun

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that weird moment when you

that weird moment when you finally remember what you put in your wishlist despite it being right there in front of you!

i love it and am inspired!

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So glad I cracked the game.

So glad I cracked the game.

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Where did you get a crack

Where did you get a crack from?
That didn't take long. Is it illegal? Don't say "yes" if it is.

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Personal Record

I'm pretty sure I've now listened to the MIDI version of that Offspring song more than I've heard the original version.

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self esteem

this brings me back to the 4th grade in a dimension that i'm not currently in