Sekret Santa 2017

Wed, Nov 22 2017 03:00 AM
11/22/2017 - 03:00
01/07/2018 - 03:00

UPDATE: The deadline may have passed, but the KLIKMAS/CHISTMAS SPIRIT lives on! Enjoy playing the games made for this edition of the Sekret Santa Klub. And if you're one of those folks still working on your gift for someone else, please stick with it and be sure to post it here once you're done.


HO HO HO all you GT'ers out there! It's time once again for us to celebrate making games with gusto. It's the SEKRET SANTA 2017!

Here's how it works. There are 3 steps to follow.

STEP 1 (CLOSED): Post your wish list in the comments below. Let us know what kind of game you want FOR CHISTMAS. Due 3rd December. It can be anything you want. When I was a kid I would have an itemized list set up for my parents after I browsed through the entire JCPenney Christmas catalogue. You can do the same thing, but for stuff you want to see in your very own game.

STEP 2 (CLOSED): On December 3rd, you receive your assigned game recipient. Have a look at their list and be inspired to make a game for them.

STEP 3 (ACTIVE): Submit your game for this event, and post notice of it to the recipient! Games are due (kind of) by 7th January, 2018.

NOW. On to the Santa gifs:

Previous Sekret Santa events... HUGE THANKS to Danni for starting this train rolling. :)






Maybe the genesis...?

Games made for Sekret Santa 2017



I want a game with:
- shootemups
- explosions
- googly eyes
- penguins
- house-flipping

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[Ignore this post]

Please ignore this post, changed my mind.

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Best part of the year!

Wish list:

* Something easy-going
* Bright happy colors
* Problem/Puzzle solving
* Top-down 2D perspective
* Winter or Summer

May update more before the 3rd... Feel free to go with everything on the list or pick and choose

Blue Wizard

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Very interesting, but I

Very interesting, but I don't get it


...Your link somehow sent me down the "Gauntlet Arcade Game Video Rabbit Hole" and that's where it spit me out...

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Your comment made me go down

Your comment made me go down that same rabbit hole too, not very deep though, just enough to see that a game from 1985 had good voice samples. Amazing!

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mno top five wishlist

- dingoes
- joy
- math
- the future
- board games

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for MY chisrmas

i want:
prosthetic limbs
neon and bubblegum and pastel and velvet
quirky sound fx
stolen assets
french subtitles
arbor day

feel free to ignore some of these
it's whatever

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I want to romance/seduce

I want to romance/seduce Willie Nelson.

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Dear Santa, for klikmas i

Dear Santa,

for klikmas i would like a game that i can use to make assets for other games. maybe it's a painting game where you can take screenshots and use them as textures, or a music making game that allows you to export the sounds.

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I want...

A game that includes a few characters and one of them is a cat/human hybrid. Also I like sounds. If there is any challenge to it hopefully it will be easy because I like to win

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mods for old games, games

mods for old games, games made with old tools, hackable games, vertex colours, blurry n64 textures, crimes, františek kobliha, peter tscherkassky, stenberg brothers, second person perspective, file_id.diz, unrealised futures, bootleg indonesian GTA, virtual machine, resolution mismatch, on which page of the manual does this appear?, fog, steve moraff, lyle in cube sector, out of memory, cracktros, keygens, good for screenshots, big money, big prizes, 4d sports tennis, australian christmas, have fun

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Yes hello, I would most

Yes hello, I would most definitely like:
- 3D Rat
- Unconventional Weapon
- Weird Controls
- Irrelevant Clip-art of a farmer
- Garish Colors



Please put the word out, spread it around, and see if we can drum up some more participants before the drawing.

If you're thinking of jumping in on this, go for it! Please add your wish list here. :)

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If you have a mail list to

If you have a mail list to all members of this site, pump out a mass e-mail to get people to sign up?

You could also make some noise on Tigsource, clickteam forums or TDC. Was gonna suggest but it was already on there.

Whatever happens, this will be glorious! :)

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I would like a game with...

-People you can talk to
-readable books
-lots of secrets
-chiptunes, midis
-mysterious forests, caves, towers, etc.
-weird towns
-Cool architecture
-Mystical junk

I may add in stuff later. Don't feel like you have to include everything in your game.

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Okay, I think I have a setup where I can have fun making a simple game for someone!

So here's my list:

  • Tuxedo cats.
  • Kitty cat foots, especially those pink pads on the bottom. I think the back legs are my favourite: how they can go very straight.
  • Christmas songs.
  • A little sprite of you.

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Dear Santa,I would like to

Dear Santa,

I would like to drive a giant Monster Truck and destroy an entire city. My wheels will be so big you can stand inbetween the treads. The city will be huge, stretching on further than the eye can see. But I will still destroy it, brick by brick. I will drive over every parked car. I will flatten all street signs. I will smash all outdoor cafes, decorated storefronts and industrial art-speckled plazas. No angry drivers will be able to flip me the bird, because I will be riding higher than the birds themselves. My headlights will make the sun go dark and my horn will shatter every window for miles.

Thank you Santa. You're the best.

P.S. See attached images also this:

17009_a__51376.1491194310.jpg87.35 KB
C0yyIFnUoAApt6P.jpg46.22 KB
C0yyEQaVQAA3U9c.jpg48.83 KB
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The List

At least one Treehouse, maybe multiple tree houses
talking animals
one duck
honk sound effect
ambient wind noise

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Dear Santa,

Please send me something with:
- guns!
- good movement
- piano jazz
- neon signs
- sugar cookies

thank you :)

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I would humbly request a

I would humbly request a game involving:
-slight melancholy or loneliness
-cute and/or interesting characters
-liminal spaces
-cities vs. nature

Please interpret these however you like!

More GIFs

These sign-ups are really adding up, folks! Time for some MOAR GIF!

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I'm a bit indecisive; you

I'm a bit indecisive; you may choose either of the following prompts.

1) A little trading card game demo. Don't go overboard, maybe the player makes tiny 10-20 card decks out of a selection of 2 or 3 dozen cards? Local multiplayer or against a simple AI.

2) A narrative-centric game set in a restaurant, coffee shop, or other customer service/retail environment. Something that's less like Diner Dash and more like Va-11 Hall-A.

If you're feeling gutsy and think you can pull these both off in one small game, more power to you.

litany litany litany

1. Here are some words &symbols on different lines.
2. Take anything that stands out.
3. Process as much or as little as you like.
4. Make anything with one or more ghosts still fading in your head.

hard noise
flashes of solid black
a heavy simple rhythm (an independent entity)
motion that is slow and motion that is fast
a sense of falling
every song that is set to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star at once
a tonic to alleviate rage
unwashed & unprocessed wool -- the smell, the oil, the color, the dirty heat, the muffled density, everywhere claustrophobia & difficulty breathing, [...], , , -
old calendars
charcoal dust
newspaper insulation
your own strong opinions dressed however you like
anything else you aren't supposed to talk about
crumpled cardboard forts
the different smells of saliva
dizzy fast and acrid blood inside you
days without any sense of time
the experience of firing people (with remorse)
no participatory violence to living things
mosquitos, ticks, other blood-stealers & vectors of any disease
fun recipes on back
health problems

** or make a 3d flying game without shooting i want more of those thanks

*** Please try to target as many operating systems as possible -- modern web browsers (without plugins) are fine/great/ducky/yes.

***** it is okay to be twelve months late.

******** please make the download small, i have very little space left

************* o.k. !

Mantra Repeat Chorus Voiceover for Stirring Montage:
1. Here are some words &symbols on different lines.
2. Take anything that stands out.
3. Process as much or as little as you like.
4. Make anything with one or more ghosts still fading in your head.
[cut to black roll credits how long was this movie? too long the director was too self indulgent has no editorial capacity someone should've stopped them where's your coat? fuck it just leave it a sacrifice to the gods of escaping AFAP faster faster that's it you're on your own i hope we meet again farewell!]

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hello santa, this year I

hello santa, this year I would like Donkey Kong

hey santa buddy, i ask

hey santa buddy, i ask for:
-wizard OR pirate OR viking protagonist
-cool sidekick
-lots of legs
-some puzzle
-final boss is the photographed face of the guy who created the game

thank u santaloo

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Hello , mortal !!

A list! Of possibilities! Pick between 0-13 of these, please!

♥ An input dedicated to [a normal human action] that doesn't affect gameplay at all ♥
♥ A demake of the first level of your third favourite game, but no-one would actually know it's referencing that game unless you told them ♥
♥ Hidden quote from Helen Keller (it can't be the main objective, it's a SECRET! SHHHHHH!) ♥
♥ Imprecise photogrammetry* for 3.5 objects (*photo textures on a mesh) ♥
♥ Sensory overload that will definitely not crash the game on any computer ♥
♥ Gameplay is restricted to 1 dimension (i.e. can move along the Z-axis only), though the world can be 2D or 3D ♥
♥ Someone under 10 or over 60 is the director and/or level designer and/or environment artist and/or foley artist for this ♥
♥ The largest bag of milk in the world. I'm not kidding ♥
♥ The skybox subtly reminds you of your dad, without actually looking like him (alt: a friend with really great teeth) ♥
♥ This was made in the level editor of a game you wish more people would play (if it's not a free game, or if it's on a console, make it an auto level [completed without any input] and record it to video please, but if it's the video then it would be funny if you used a bad camera to record the screen and you have to run an executable to see the video instead of posting it to a video hosting site lol) ♥
♥ You need to get this off your chest, so just dump it in this game ♥
♥ You never thought you would make a game this tiny ♥
♥ You really just wanted to make some characters that you would date if they were real ♥

PLEASE PLEASE make sure it's fun to make and you don't stress out at all.

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wislist: defeatist

defeatist attitude
exercise sim

Names are Out!

I've been informed the name draw is complete, and a message has been sent to everyone letting you know whose wish list you should let inspire you. Any problems or questions, please let me know ASAP and I can help sort it out.


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water curses

yayy! i'm very happy that this exists and people exist and videogames exists and pizza


Dear person who got my game request last time...

I'm really sorry about making the request so complex. I... don't really know what I was thinking. So I request that you, whoever you are, make a game this year with a smaller wishlist: Make a short game using any two Ludum Dare themes. Much simpler, no? Also make the game winter-themed or holiday-themed somehow. Gotta have the spirit of the season, after all!

Yeah, I know I'm not in this Sekret Santa, but getting the game (not *that* specific game, of course) I didn't get last year would be a very nice present.


For those of you who celebrate the actual Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful, serene holiday full of good times with friends and family.

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what a beautiful melody...

what a beautiful melody...

Final Weekend

It's the final weekend coming up, folks! Be sure to do your best and complete your games. I'm sure your recipient is eagerly awaiting whatever you've made from their list.

Please post your game by the end of Sunday, 7th January.

Have fun game-making, everyone! :)

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i am going to be late, but i

i am going to be late, but i will finish my game this time, i swear!!

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This game I'm making for you

This game I'm making for you will benefit from a little more time as well. I won't get wildly ambitious though, I'll be finished soon.

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Apologies to my recipient

Sorry, my gift is going to be late.

Happly Klickmas

What a haul this year, eh?!?!?

As the official deadline closes in on us, I'd like to wish all of you have nothing but a prosperous, purposeful New Year full of worthwhile challenges and successes.

I'm a big fan of hobby game-making (I design tabletop board games and card games in my spare time, as well), and since they can often be a long slog of a process, I always have a blast seeing what everyone comes up with in events like these. And giving gifts to others isn't something I often do. So bearing witness to gift-giving and cheerful, constructive comments is always an upper for me. And I presume I'm not alone when I mention that I'm relieved to see something so overwhelmingly positive come out of this.

To those of you still waiting on games: be patient. They're on the way. :)

Those of you still working on games for your recipients, please follow through with the commitment! Your efforts can completely brighten someone's day.

"Merry Chistmas" to all. :)

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Hi danyburton. I've finished, but the upload is taking forever and I have to go to bed.
I will put it up in the am.

a familiar wooshing sound

Oh dear! I'm going to be late this year too. A bit of it is unforeseen goblins of time, but most of it is loving the content of the prompt so much it's hard to relax and stop fretting about whether each mote and morsel is or will be as good as I want it to be.

Luckily, the gods of completion are relentless and without mercy for ideals: "keep going," they say. "Lower your standards and never give up."

So: the little dream hobbles on.

Apologies for the delay!

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I'm sorry I never even

I'm sorry I never even attempted to make a game for this event, i may do so this year.