A Klik Khistmas: Sekret Santa Klub 2012

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Tue, Dec 18 2012 12:00 AM
12/18/2012 - 00:00
12/26/2012 - 00:00

Feel like spreading the holiday cheer this year? Why not be a Secret Santa? Make the game your friend always wanted! Here's how it works:

- Sign up before December 18th to get entered into the hat drawing!
- On the 18th, you will get a private message telling you who your assigned Santee is! You will have roughly one week to make a game for your Santee! Santees: post gift ideas in this thread so your Secret Santa knows what kind of game to make.
- Post your game here at some point during the 25th! Don't worry if you're a few days late - I'm sure you'll probably be busy with relatives out of town or what-not. Just try to get it in at some point before the new year.

A few extra rules: Basically, only make a game for your Santee, and only make one game.

Edit: Yes, intentional misspelling

Games made for A Klik Khistmas: Sekret Santa Klub 2012


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Sounds like fun :O also why

Sounds like fun :O

also why do you love trying to one-up me i mean seriously

Well, it was mentioned in the room, but spindleyq pushed the ide

and i asked "hey where dem santer event?" and then they all made the skyppppt... and my entry's gonna be late y

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Oh yeah, we're gonna need

Oh yeah, we're gonna need someone who isn't participating to draw the names. It isn't as much fun when you know who has whom.

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Awesome! I've thought about

Awesome! I've thought about how cool it would be to do a Secret Santa event here, so I'm glad you made one.

It would be amazing if there was a way for the site to automatically assign random santees. A pipe dream perhaps, but it's a function I'd make use of multiple times per year.

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unless i get something on

unless i get trainwrecking again before these i could probably do it

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I could probably get KlikBot

I could probably get KlikBot to do it.

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Oh, that's a much better

Oh, that's a much better idea!

Aside: Any progress on having the bot automatically generate Klik & Play games?

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My side project lately has

My side project lately has been dipping my toe into a site rewrite, but it's going glacially slowly due to reasons.

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if anybody gets me here is a list of things I like

- jello
- dogs
- water
- ice cubes
- skirts
- jumping on beds
- dingos
- hills
- rivers
- jelly
- cake
- free games

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This is a good list of

This is a good list of things to like.

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Signed Up!

So, I totally blew it with an overambitious, unfinished entry in Grinch of the Month Klub, so this'll be my chance to redeem myself. If anyone gets me, I'm pretty much cool with anything as long as it's not a board/card game.

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Edit: More comprehensive list

Edit: More comprehensive list of stuff I like:

- Board puzzle games (Chip's Challenge, Boulderdash, etc)
- Bright colors (Meaning, bright colors that look good, not harsh colors like RGB(255, 0, 255))
- Classic fangames (EG. Mario Quest series, Yoshi vs. Windows)
- Demoscene effects (bouncy text scrollers, color cycles, etc)
- Dinosaurs
- Glitches that lead to emergent gameplay
- Happy Hardcore
- Platformers
- Run 'n' Gun (Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier)
- Sonic CD

Bonus points if Grumper or Pogo Fox is featured.

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HEY SECRET SANTA OF MINE! Here are some things that I like!
- dumb puns
- obscure old games that nobody likes
- canyon.mid
- karaoke
- canyon.mid karaoke
- hot dogs
- klipart
- shareware nag screens
- rural Manitoba
- games designed by children
- bad art

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OH OH OH Make me a game


Make me a game about setting the Gävle goat on fire or else NOT setting the Gävle goat on fire or else betting on whether the Gävle goat will be set on fire this year or else running over the Gävle goat with a car or else hacking the Gävle goat webcam or else being in competition to build the world's largest Gävle goat aaaaaaaa I am freaking out about how awesome the Gävle goat is aaaaaaaa.

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Defend Your Castle except

Defend Your Castle except with the Gavle Goat instead of a castle.

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dear santa

choose 3 or more
- attitude
- xtreme
- secret
- illegal
- fun
- serious
- french adventure game
- ansi
- programmer art
- hand-drawn/made things
- amateur voice acting
- mdickie
- steve moraff

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i like cacodemon

make a game about cacodemon. it may be anything: platforming, puzzle, racing... just don't forget the caco.

oh, and Yellow Jogger. i like him too. and rivers, as well as mno

edit: also, i guess i'll make that list everybody's doing:
what i like:
-cacodemon (of course)
-cowboy hats (they're cool)
-platforming games
-messa.mid (you can get it here: http://happyland.ovh.org/mid/messa.mid)
-remove kebab
-90's tv shows

cacodemonyeah.PNG6.03 KB
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I like surprises.

I like surprises.

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Dear Sveti Nikola

I love Klik & Play games that combine clipart and original art.

I also love when a game tries to tell a story, using that combination art style.

Merry Chistmas!

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My computer can't do the 16

My computer can't do the 16 bit klik and play games so whoever gets me please keep that in mind :x
that said here are some things i like:
- kpop
- tsundere
- slavoj zizek
- you

What I like

I like bad midi music, jungles, catgirls and um gratioutous pallete changing

also explosions and mechs

edit: I love platforming games :D

holiday wishlist?

Hmm, well, it could have some sweet beatz by dr. awesome. http://www.lynnemusic.com/midi.html

I like what I make.. put mno in there. maybe have the plot have something to do with something, but with a conversation engine with characters talking about absolutely nothing to do with the plot... I like the euro western better than the great american western, but that's cool. Uhh, big explosion at the end, and trippy. I like trippy. I like adapted sports games with various clipart. I like looking at clipart. Sometimes I go to http://www.clipartmojo.com/ just to look at clipart.. or hit up http://cooltext.com/ and explore various options in tweaking letters.

And put some sauce up on it too so I can or effbee can admire the list of events.. At least a screenshot of some of the events..



here are some mno assets

They're a little dated though, but you get the idea. If you need to know anything more about mno, just ask him, he's on irc sometimes.

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Gift ideas for thesycophant

I'm big on single-screen platformers and things that are in any way like Lemmings. Not that crazy about a lot of story or text usually. But I'm looking for anything that comes from the heart. I'm notoriously hard to shop for, so if this isn't enough inspiration for my Santer, check out my list of games made for this site and my favorites.

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Why not make an Art Game or

-Bad Art
-Good Art (Overly good for extra measure)
-Weird Japanese things
-Mozzarella Sticks
-French Fries
-Accurate Retro Graphics
-Masocore Games
-Games with Story
-Commander Keen
-Mega Man


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Oh my god canyonkaraoke.txt

Oh my god canyonkaraoke.txt :D

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We haven't gotten our santas

We haven't gotten our santas yet D:

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Alright, PMs should have

Alright, PMs should have gone out to everyone now.

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Some stuff I like in games that comes to mind
- being funny!
- chasing
- being chased
- combos
- unusual movement schemes
- speed increasing as you play
- momentum
- not even being able to control speed at all
- multiplayer

uh, so pretty much if it's kind of inspired by pac man, I will probably love it.

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I'd almost forgotten about

I'd almost forgotten about this! Should be fun. Hopefully my santee's standards aren't too high :).

To my santarr, I like most genres/non-genres so anything goes, really. If you're looking for inspiration, I enjoy:

hardboiled detectives,
neon lights & lasers,
procedurally generated stuff,
inappropriately intense character drama,
and well thought-out colour schemes.

None of this is necessary, of course, but it's there if you need something to start with!

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Hereby vowing not to play

Hereby vowing not to play any of these super-awesome looking games until I finish mine.

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Well I'm done my game now,

Well I'm done my game now, and it's still 2012, so I'm counting this a victory! Also now I'm going to let myself check out the other games that are up. Double victory.

Remember when we used to just paste links and files down here?

Those were the days.. I click old nodes all the time and it never did them harm.. So I'll do the same....