Laser Boots

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A game for my santee Smedis2.

NOTE: I am sorry for uploading this too early. it was intended to be uploaded only in december 25th (i guess), but i'm leaving the town from tomorrow until february (with no internet). so i am forced to upload this today. i'm sorry again for "messing up" the joy of the party.

ALSO: Maybe i won't see my secret santa's game today or tomorrow, but don't worry: i promise to leave a comment whenever i can.

ABOUT THE GAME: This game features some of the stuff my santee requested. (Smedis2)

Good Art (i guess)
Mozzarella Sticks
Accurate Retro Graphics (i tried my best)
Masocore Games (this is a HELL of a masocore game.)

Contains 5 infuriating levels. PREPARE TO THROB IN PAIN


EDIT: sometimes you may experience a no-portal activating bug. in that case, open the .gam file and just re-begin the game from where you left off

Made For: 
An event


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You even got the Pizza and

You even got the Pizza and Mozzarella sticks.
I am proud.

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The font is all squares on

The font is all squares on my end.

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sorry about that

i used "WST_engl", i should've used "system". i guess you're using linux or mac?

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good gameplay ideas, it's

good gameplay ideas, it's too bad it's so much harder b/c of knp platforming but maybe you intended that? all in all I enjoyed this

Yeah, you obviously beat quota

That was very very hard, but I like the way you made the track continuous, and it was some sweet beatz. That was like the voice of our generation, whatever that was. It had a slight spirit of smedis without actually having any at all, it was its own swang. Folks may be swayed away by brutal gameplay and not being able to hug platforms and jump on them, but it's worth it for the last frame. And of course the gameplay's sweet and discreet and the filesize is petite and that makes it pretty neat.