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Made in one day so it's kinda messy and wonky but hopefully still kinda fun?

Keep the kitties from leaving the play area by drawing lines for them to bounce off.
Clear kitties by bouncing them into other kitties! Try to get as high a score as possible~

Left Mouse Button - click and drag to draw lines
Right Mouse Button - delete all lines on the screen

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An event

Pineapple's Area


Platformeing game with 3 levels. Hard

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An event
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A dishonest puzzler

dishon pic 2.PNG

A "puzzle" game based around trial and error and being unfair and unintuitive. There could be an invisible button you have to press, a wall that is fake and lets you pass through it or a glitch you have to find that lets you fall through the floor. You wont know if any of these are the right answer until you try them.

I used art that I made 6 months ago so i'm sorry for the quality but I couldn't be bothered making new art.

If the game lags or is running slow try to use the shaderless version. if not don't play the shaderless version because that's not the intended experience.

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An event
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DEMO OF Press A to Slow Down Zone


THIS IS A DEMO OF a thing I will submit to the collaboration thing, ok hoopefully it works

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An event

Cat Factory (09/19/2009)


This is an old game that predates the current GT submission system. I am reuploading it so that all my GT games will show up on this page: https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/games/*/sylvie

Cat Factory is a very difficult single-screen platformer. Use arrow keys to move and X to jump.

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An event
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Super Froggo Jump


Help Froggo get to the delicious cake.

Happy anniversary! <3

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An event
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The Great Pumpkin


I used to grow pumpkins when I lived in Ohio.
I've started to grow squash again recently.

Included are various samples and references.
Based on a mechanic my buddy made.

I made an arcade supported version so two people could play it together somehow and it's slightly rebalanced. I think it's better, but I'm still including the old game in there.

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An event

The Trolley Problem


A chill paces through the air... dust settles on the tracks... A humble moral human is faced with a dilemma: A trolley speeds towards helpless humans who lie on both sides of two tracks. The human is given the ability to switch the tracks, but futilely, some will die. In addition, the human is given quotes of philosophers from throughout the ages at the click of a button. So then, who shall you save? The moral dilemma plaguing our modern minds finally comes to the world of interactive entertainment!

Concept, graphics: Gevaudan
Coding: YES

YES and Gevaudan
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An event
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Chutes and Hackers!

214 smaller.png

Hello! Welcome to my game!

The Hacker wants to take over the world but they must check their email first. Guide them through the grid maze. [Red Objects save your progress] and [Green Objects display your email].

WASD/Arrow keys - Move around
Space - Respawn at last [Red Object]
R - Reset at start
Esc - Exit game
P - Unlock Mouse
0 - Lock Mouse

Content warnings
You can fall.

Thank you's and Credits
Thanks to Tentabropy for code help and constant support.
Thanks to whoever made tron probably.
Thanks to Danny Boy for making the song "DiscoMix" that is featured in this game.
Thanks to Death Grips for making the song "Thru The Walls" that is featured in this game.
Thanks to whoever made the movie Hackers.
Tux was drawn by with The GIMP.


Marie Gevaudan
Made For: 
An event
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