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The Great Pumpkin


I used to grow pumpkins when I lived in Ohio.
I've started to grow squash again recently.

Included are various samples and references.
Based on a mechanic my buddy made.

I made an arcade supported version so two people could play it together somehow and it's slightly rebalanced. I think it's better, but I'm still including the old game in there.

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An event
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Killing of the Great Pumpkin


Killing Of the Great Pumpkin

A game by Mark Porter with music by Duncan Fenn.

Thanks to Philip Linde.

Yesterday I joined glorioustrainwrecks and made my first game in years- well 5 years to be exact. I have to admit it was quite a lot of fun so I felt like doing something else well just today - with the remaining motivation and spirit. I have to admit this game took longer than 2 hours because my computer would fuck up and a lot of other problems. The graphics just took me like 25 minutes so the rest got wasted in coding.

I still hope you enjoy this title even though it took longer than 2 hours. Sorry but I didn't want to submit a buggy piece of junk.



Made For: 
An event
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