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Frogger Football


Frogger Football also known as Frogger Revelations: Soccer Crisis in NTSC regions.

Frogger must use his hands to defend the radioactive van from destruction!!! The hope of Utopia depends on it.

The van is radioactive so Frogger cannot touch it.

WASD - Move left hand
Arrows - Move right hand

R - reset game

Music is the opening of Inu No Omawarisan 犬のおまわりさん

Made for Grid 3 Utopia + Animals with Hands + Vsan

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UEFA Euro 2012


Do you have what it takes to win against all odds? This is thrill sports football kick game goal score cup world cup europe UEFA gsklsd official game

Music is 'Maracana Green' by Garnegy & Maties.

Juliette Porée
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Football to people who don't like football: A SIMULATOR


For people who do not like the footballs. Use this on football fans to show them what they're watching looks like to non football fans. Accurate simulation to 1/1000 degree of realistic-accuracy and tested by experts on a field.


British Games For British Peoples
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It's that time of the year again when big men wear pads and run into each other. Here is my simple homage to the great American sport called Football.

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World Shmup 2010


World Cup? More like...


Lead ace Slovenia National Football Team star Samir Handanovič to win the WORLD SHMUP as you fight against players from America, Algeria, and England. Just like in the real 2010 World Cup!

* Photorealistic backgrounds
* Eye-popping fullscreen 320x240 resolution
* Real music stolen from the real WorldCcup (and elsewhere!)
* Over 4 different enemy types!
* Characteristically metaphorical video game ending!

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Animal Control


Strange monsters are replicating every few seconds. Destroy them quickly with your two machine guns!
CRAP! Forgot to load them first! Grab ammo from the nearby containers.

Up/Down = Movement of both guns.
LMB on crate or barrel = load 50 bullets into a single gun.
Nothing as long as ammo is in = guns shoot automatically.

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Pirate Kart 2
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