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Bitwise Geomancy

This game does not emulate actual Geomantic readings in any way.
While it may be possible to derive meaning through the playing of the game, these derivations would be unintentional.
This game is intended solely as a recreational tool.

Had the idea for this game when I was taking a class in Discrete Math. Only recently did I realize I had enough understanding of object oriented programming to make the game.

Had some troubles with java while making this. Somehow my java always ends up so messy. For future reference, most of the time when you want to distribute a java program, just put them in a jar and edit the manifest. No need to worry about packagers or whatever.

Works in everything that runs java. Just run the jar file as an executable.

UPDATE: Added a readme.

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Disbeliever Drop


Disbeliever Drop

Everyone knows that the earth is flat. But some people just won't believe it! Teach them the truth by pushing them into the abyss, before they can reach your scientific papers!

Use arrow keys to move the scientist.

Made in Processing in February for SoS's nanoLD challenge ("build a game in 48 minutes"), but took something like 3 hours. Source included.

by Eli Brody

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It's that time of the year again when big men wear pads and run into each other. Here is my simple homage to the great American sport called Football.

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