Small exploration platformer. No saving. Probably kind of hard?

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BINKY XIV: Party Monsters


The fourteenth in the award winning BINKY Series.

LEgend has it, in the dungeons of BUBBO LAND,
LIve the PARTY MONSTERS, creatures of magic,
WHo love to have an enjoyable time underground.

BUt the great BINKY lost the INTERACT button,
ANd can only mash the bar of space to cast
USeless magic spells to all of them monsters!


AD,Left and Right Arrow Keys - Movement
Spacebar - Cast Magic


Monster Art:
Creatures from Hieronymous Bosch Paintings
Creatures from Last Armageddon
Creatures from Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshitachi
Creatures from Shi Kong Xing Shou
Creatures from Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
Creatures from Pokemon Gold Beta
Creatures from PRODUCE
Sams from Unterbildungsroman (2015)

Thank you to mno for finding some samples.


Sound Effects from Clickteam and Link: The Faces of Evil

This midis found by knighTeen87
King's Field (JP) - Floor 2
Composed by Koji Endo, Kaoru Kono.

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Ungrateful Birds

Ungrateful Birds.png

Someone has kidnapped the birds and put them in cages in the forest! Please save them! However, these birds WILL NOT BE GRATEFUL.

  • Jump with X!
  • Pick up stones with Z!
  • Throw stones with Z!
  • Throw stones to break cages to set birds free!
  • Dodge the birds' stones!

Contains NINE BIRD-PACKED LEVELS and THREE DIFFERENT BIRDS. Get close to the cages to find out what kind of bird is inside!

(Press F to toggle fullscreen)

John D. Moore
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Portrait of a hustling bustling city, from the eyes of a pigeon. Musical pilotwings. Avian jet set radio. Hold space to fly, release to coast & land. Mostly it was an excuse to use the new terrain generator I downloaded, and also to test out this bird controller, which I think came out pretty well. I especially wanted to test out techniques for landing on stuff, so be sure to try that out. To land on stuff, point at a surface and let go of space. You should automatically find a good spot and move there. If you try to move on something that's moving, though, it gets weird.

This is the song & title, if you're curious:
It's supposed to be what american english sounds like to an italian speaker.

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Flying Bird


I didn't actually know there was a "Flappy Jam" going on until after I finished this...

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Trampoline Goat


you are a goat having the time of your life on a trampoline. Eat passing cans, but watch out for exceedingly strong birds!!!!!!!

@tmsherma && @rattusRose
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Flying Bird

Flying Bird.png

achieve the miracle of flight

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Pirate Kart 2
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