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The Comedy Of The Chimera (For Chrissy)


Welcome to the COMEDY OF THE CHIMERA...
It is a comedy as in the archaic sense of a story with happy ending perhaps...

my Sekret Santa was Capt_hastings-Chrissy, who requested:
1: Some original art
#Yes i'd say it's quite original to an extent, but isn't that a genuine modern debate..?
2: A great soundtrack
#Well, it's all borrowed, hopefully you enjoy it.
3:Some story, hopefully of love and betrayal (not necessarily in that order)
#I interpreted this as to make a largely narrative game.
4:It would be great if it included a human-animal hybrid (I like cat hybrids but I'll take anything)
#A lion in a sense is a cat, er a big cat I guess.
5:A chrissy and a clyde character
#Yes, you're both there!

Rated T for Tent because of religious and cult references, and drug references!

Space - VERY IMPORTANT to start the game
AD, Left Right arrows - Move
R - Turn on Automove


Clyde from Glorious Trainwrecks as CLYDE
Hugh Fraser as Captain Hastings as CHRISSY
Self Portrait by Gustave Courbet as the CHIMERA
Volac from Dictionnarie Infernal illustrated by Louis Le Breton as SECRET

Song #1: In Memoriam D.L. by Enno Velthuys
Song #2: Supermarket #01 from Sounds for the Supermarket
Song #3: Satan'n'Hippies'n'Drugs'n'Rock'n'Roll by Sucking Chest Wound

Thank you to Klikmas Team C for support and encouragement, and Noum for last minute text editing.


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An event
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The ninth in the award winning BINKY Series.

Enter the next level of computer entertainment product: BINKY IX: BUBBO I.
BINKY has crash landed on a mysterious island with their friend HERRY the CHERRY, among others. Beware, for there are dragons at every corner! And they will face off against powerful wizards! This is simply the most intense BINKY adventure yet. Will you solve the mystery of BUBBO I?

Please do not spoil the last two levels of the game, if you really need to, use the rot13 cipher!


Automatic Movement System
Conversation System
Password System
Desktop Wallpaper


WASD / Arrows - Movement
R - Toggle Automatic Movement
Space - Talk
Enter - Input Password on Start Screen
Escape - Quit Game


[See more in CREDITS.TXT]
Guillaume de Machaut - Riches d'amour from licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
DRAGON artwork from Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Images and
TILES from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup licensed under CC Zero.
ELIZABETH by mno from Unfinished Sekret Santa Game
Text Interface Engine by Henriquelalves licensed under MIT


BINKY IX: BUBBO I is under the TRAINWRECK LICENSE, whatever that means! Just attribute (Link,name,etc) the game if you do anything derivative of it! Nobody is gonna make money off of this game okay!? Be careful.

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My Castle's Haunted!


You inherited a castle from your late grandma! But something's UP with it....

I'm not happy with some of this game's writing but I had to release it in time for halloween. I explored the idea of being in a space with a bunch of monsters moving between the rooms chasing you. They smell you to find you, and you can sometimes hear a distant door opening and closing when they reach a room next to the one you're in.

There's also lots of cool secrets and stuff to see and touch in the castle. Don't expect too much tho

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Escape is a game I made especially for this event in 4 hours where you have to make a character escape the room full of traps. Hope you enjoy it!

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An event

Cave Vasion - The Lost Level


This is a new set of rooms for my recent game Cave Vasion. There is also a new item - the chalice. Place it down with X to set a respawn point at that spot. Pick it up with X to remove the respawn point, so that you may then place it farther in the maze. Also, any locked doors that you break through will remain open even if you respawn.

Arrows - make a move.
Z - skip a turn.
X - pick up or place the chalice.

I managed to make eight rooms this time.
This is of course inspired by Cave Noire, a game by Konami.

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An event

Cave Vasion


You have been lured to this cave deep in the unmapped regions by rumours of noble and famous explorers vanishing inside in search of treasure, never to return. With so many noblemen lost inside, surely something wondrous and dangerous lies - lives? - inside.

You're no stranger to danger, though. In fact, you fancy yourself as danger's best friend, and most evasive foe. You always sensed those blue-blooded braggarts were all puff and no moxie. Now you hope to best them where they failed, and return alive.

Arrows - make a move.
Z - skip a turn.

I managed to make six rooms.
This is of course inspired by Cave Noire, a game by Konami.

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It's Halloween! And once again, whoops, I forgot to make a game. So this is more like a toy / graphics-design exercise.

Move your monster ball around. Click to add a random monster head, or hit the first letter for a [v]ampire,[w]itch,[g]host, or [f]rankstein monster. Space resets.

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An event

Monster Axe


Fight off all the ugly monsters with the Monster Axe! Featuring MSPaint monsters crowdsourced from

Z or space to jump.
X to toss axe when you have the axe.
Arrows to locomote.

Features 10 boss battles.

Probably a bunch of bugs exist. Reported bugs may be fixed in 18 hours.

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An event

Monster March


Monsters are auditioning for a play ...or something. Spot 'em all!

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An event
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a game of high strategy.

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An event
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