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BINKY VII: Robot Island


The seventh in the award winning BINKY Series.

WARNING: This game is rated E for Electricity for depiction of the "apple".

BINKY has been stranded on Robot Island, created by the evil DOCTOR ROBOLLOYD (See BUBBO LAND #4).
Can BINKY escape Robot Island, on the moon, and get back to Earth? You'll need to find all 8 POWER CRYSTALS, or not!?
Find out more in BINKY VII: Robot Island!

AD - left right movement
Left and Right Arrow Keys - left right movement
W - Jump
Up Arrow Key - Jump
Space bar - Jump

Gymnopédie by Erik Satie

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3D Dogs

Screenshot (4).png

Partial 3D remake of this game:

I have a lot of ideas for a full 3D remake of this game, but no time to work on it. Yesterday I had an excuse to make a quick prototype though. :>)

See readme for controls. :>)

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Dog Gone Big is about a dog that keeps growing! He's a polite dog, though, and doesn't want to bump into anyone. If you bump into any people, the game is over!

Run to pause your growth, bark to make people turn the other way, and eat hot dogs to shrink back down!

How many hot dogs you eat is also the score.

Outside of the game is a tale of two friends who grow up together, and then grow apart.

Arrow keys to move
X to bark
Z and an arrow key to run

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KWFK (a HaLLoWeEn game)


A HalloWeEn game inspired by prompt 7 of 13 during the 13 Days of Halloween: Bite Sized Grab Bag event.

This was made with RPG Maker MV.
The game file I uploaded (for download) is just a zip file with the html5 build in it. I think it's compatible with all operating systems, but possibly not with all browsers. Just click on the index.html file to open the game. I'm not positive it will work.

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You are a person.

You walk using the arrow keys.

Don't get barked at too much.

Walk into door.

Then other things.


I've made some noticeable changes to this game since the original 2 hour event. If you want to see the original klik of the month version, it's here.

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Drug Dog


uuuummmm, this is more than 2 hours. maybe it was 8 hours. i made it in Scratch. you're a drug dog. also, there's a drone music mode for staring at a line of people.

it's a flash file. SCRATCH, i love it.

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WarioWare D.I.Y presents... NO BUTTS!!!


Don't be a butt kisser! Be a pup kisser!

Spank the incoming butts before they touch your lips, but don't shoo away the puppy! Let it run to you for a little puppy kiss!

Spawned from a failed attempt at porting my classic game GROIN GRAVITATORS to WarioWare (which I now know how to do, but I don't have time to make any more games that only two people are going to see :( )

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use arrows and the mouse to control your YardDoggz.

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Christmas Activities


made in TGF1


A collection of games for kids of all ages, featuring:

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CHRISTMAS: Tell Santa how much you love him to get the best gifts!

SNOW DAY: It's been snowing non-stop, and you know what that means! Not only is there no school, but you can go out and play in the snow!

TREE DECORATING: Time to put up that Christmas tree, and decorate it with candy canes and ornament bulbs! Be careful to not drop any!

LETTER OPENING: Woah, what's this? A stockpile of Christmas cards from all your relatives! Open em all up and see how many gift cards you got!

SNOWFLAKE CUTTING: Make paper snowflakes of your own creative design!

GIFT UNWRAPPING: Finally, it's Christmas Day! Unwrap your gifts to see what Santa brought!


Instructions are fully given within the game.

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