3D Dogs

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Partial 3D remake of this game: https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/9601

I have a lot of ideas for a full 3D remake of this game, but no time to work on it. Yesterday I had an excuse to make a quick prototype though. :>)

See readme for controls. :>)

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An event


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song of the sad assassin

all dogs are puppies

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This has convinced me I need

This has convinced me I need to make some kind of dog game myself.

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This is (the start of?) a

This is (the start of?) a very worthy followup to dogengam. It builds on the visual ideas that I loved about the original. Using camera views of the same scene in the background, and the understated use of non-cleared camera on the borders are a beautiful way to fill the screen. And I like the two different forms of dog multiplication. It's a worth piece on it's own, and I'll be very excited if you ever get around to working on a full 3d version of the original.

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The friction is immediate

The friction is immediate and intriguing.

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