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You are a person.

You walk using the arrow keys.

Don't get barked at too much.

Walk into door.

Then other things.


I've made some noticeable changes to this game since the original 2 hour event. If you want to see the original klik of the month version, it's here.

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An event


one of your best games

one of your best games

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For the record, the RTP that

For the record, the RTP that comes bundled with the legitimate distribution of RPGmaker2003 does not seem to provide me with the [whatever] I need. I'm planning on downloading the illegitimate one again and hoping it doesn't corrupt my current installation.

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thanks for the info

I'm going to rebuild it with the legit version that I just bought.


Don't worry about installing anything. I think I found a way to make the game totally independent of any RTP. I'll upload the new version soon.

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I rebuilt the game using the legit version of RPG Maker 2003. However, I believe that I was also able to make it so that people who don't have any version of the RTP will still be able to play it. It's hard for me to test, though, because I already have it installed.

I would greatly appreciate a test from anyone who doesn't have the new version (or any version) of the RTP installed.

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It works for me.

With only the legit RTP installed it works great.

Also, thanks for all your hard work I enjoyed the game.

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Wow, what the fuck was that?

Huh. That first dog part was super interesting. I'd say this is visually one of your most interesting games. I also like how your collage style has sort of evolved into this strange glitch like thing. Super impressionistic and computer-lie yet photo realistic. I really liked how the houses and things were constructed out of these abstract sort of blocks in a way where things just barely make sense. That's a tough line to straddle and you're the bull riding king. 8-)

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something surprisingly tense

something surprisingly tense about the whole experience
very enjoy

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I felt like the later half of the game was rushed due to the 2 hour time limit. I just spent some time updating it to be more like what I originally planned. Give it another try if you feel like it!

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running in browser!

One of the only things that has always bothered me about making games in RPG Maker 2003 is that they can only be played by people with Windows machines. With a ton of help from the developers of the EasyRPG Player (a cross-platform RPG Maker game interpreter) I managed to get this game running in browser on itch.io. I'm super excited about this! Expect me to port more of my games over soon. If anyone is interested, I'll write up a tutorial on how I got this working. There are a few steps, but it's pretty simple even if you don't know a thing about HTML (like me).