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February 2003


This is a game we've been working on for 5 years.

Link to the original event

To use the UPDATE, just add your save from your game to the new game folder.


  1. mysterious men don't reappear
  2. Meta Zita quest fixed
  3. chicken roof fixed
  4. a few new secrets
  5. fixed horse bug
  6. different worlds game
  7. added cutscene

ihavefivehat, everythingstaken, FirecatFG, gus, sergiocornaga, Capt_hastings-Chrissy, clyde
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An event
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Psychological dadaist game about little Tetris T block that doubts its purpose in life and wants to be free. In fact, he always wanted to become a tree! And now he can, thanks to this amazing creation. You must guide little T in his explorations of the world beyond what he has known all his life. You can also guide little T in her explorations of the world beyond what she has known all her life. (Up to you - in any case he's pink and she's pink too.) But watch out - the unknown world is big and full of dangers and seductions! T must go where no Tetris block has gone before...

Use the keyboard arrows to guide little T / ESC to quit - the basic mantra of glorious games.
Remember: save the Treetris.exe file to the Desktop or some other folder before launching the game! Don't run it straight from the .zip file unless you're curious to see my FEIG error box.

Soundtrack: "Layers" by Space Explorer(s) -

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An event
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Get your axe in hand, it's time to chop some trees. It's time for LUMBERJAZZ!

Nature replenishes itself quickly. Chop down the trees! Clear the forest!

You win when the forest is cleared. You lose if the number of trees goes over 50!

Left/Right - MOVE

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An event
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You are a person.

You walk using the arrow keys.

Don't get barked at too much.

Walk into door.

Then other things.


I've made some noticeable changes to this game since the original 2 hour event. If you want to see the original klik of the month version, it's here.

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Christmas Activities


made in TGF1


A collection of games for kids of all ages, featuring:

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CHRISTMAS: Tell Santa how much you love him to get the best gifts!

SNOW DAY: It's been snowing non-stop, and you know what that means! Not only is there no school, but you can go out and play in the snow!

TREE DECORATING: Time to put up that Christmas tree, and decorate it with candy canes and ornament bulbs! Be careful to not drop any!

LETTER OPENING: Woah, what's this? A stockpile of Christmas cards from all your relatives! Open em all up and see how many gift cards you got!

SNOWFLAKE CUTTING: Make paper snowflakes of your own creative design!

GIFT UNWRAPPING: Finally, it's Christmas Day! Unwrap your gifts to see what Santa brought!


Instructions are fully given within the game.

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Tree House


I was disappointed with my other entry for this Knytt of the Month, so I made another one. I'm a lot more pleased with this one, but be warned, it's still really short.

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An event

Run Into The Tree


Drive your car into a tree.

Press left/right with arrows.

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Pirate Kart 2
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I accidentally stole the movement code from the flying game instead of the walking game

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Pirate Kart 2
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