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FINA FLIGHTSY (for marbles-box)


Welcome to the newest Cube Enix Produkt, FINA FLIGHTSY.
SEPP, WHIZ, and MOOG are on an adventure in the sky until they are attacked by sky monsters!

Arrows - Move
Z - Fire SEPP attack when ready
X - Fire WHIZ attack when ready
C - Activate MOOG shield when ready
R - Reset Game

Art from Final Fantasy Something
Sound Effects from Roblox, 3D Movie Maker, Chip's Challenge and Klik n Play.
Title music is Title from Final Fantasy Legend III ( track by Ryuji Sasai? )
Game Music from is Boss from the 7th Saga ( track by Norihiko Yamanuki )

This Game Was Made For marbles-box as part of Sekret Santa 2020

This was originally going to be an rpg maker game so I included the sprites I made before I switched to clickteam. They'll work in RPG Maker MV but you'll need to edit them to work in older versions probably. Feel free to use just credit me as Mariken S. or Mariken Drawinge

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Witchmall (for Kate B)


A sing-em-up about urban decay and the beauty of lost memories. Can YOU find all the ghosts?

This game was made for Kate B for Sekret Santa 2019.

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An event
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VVORLAAK (for patrickgh3)


a little world to explore
built using woof.js
following the wishlist of patrickgh3
for spring sekret santa 2020

- wishlist -

tiny and confined areas

- controls -

arrows - movement
z - interact/confirm
x - run/cancel

special thanks to my friend skye for their help with the music
and to my partner alice for ideas, support, and love

Wendy Wildshape
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Assault on Hamburger Tower: For wendywildshape

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 8.47.26 AM.png

Take part in a cutting edge experimental project in Food Science where everything is on the line. Can you keep your cool on the hot hamburger griddle?

For wendywildshape, who requested:
* overwhelming visuals
* laughter and tears
* yr favorite food front and center

Merry Klikmas!

Song Credits:
The Descent by Kevin MacLeod

Prelude and Action by Kevin MacLeod

Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod

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Scramble The Eggnog (for mno)

horrible chistmas music playing.png

This is the Chistmas remake of my prior game, Scramble The Eggs. It is now very merry and such. Please enjoy.

WASD / Arrow keys: move up, left, right, and down
Shift / Spacebar: action key. mostly used to progress through screens, might have a surprise or two
Escape: quit game

2018 UPDATE:
You can now play the game in fullscreen, with a custom-made EXE, as well as hear the full soundtrack in the music folder.



The line ahead of you shifts by the width, length, and height of a single stock elf.


It is in these little gaps of time afforded to you by the icy factory overseers that rumours spread through the elfen chain.

10... 9... 8... 7...

The sound of a gentle breeze, as your friends keep their breath underheard from nosy managers:

"Did you hear about unfortunate #456? She managed to scramble only two litres of eggnog!"

You did hear that. You've heard it every year for 23 years, a lie meant to strike fear in elves who start to question their work ethic.

6... 5... 4... 3...

"I'm not sure if I believe that more or less than what #585 told me about #584!"

You ask down the line what #602 was told about #584 from #585, curious as to how you missed this tidbit earlier.

2... 1... 0...

"No way! it's impossible to scramble 45 litres of eggnog in so short a-"

Your reply is cut short by the timer, in response to running out of digits, releasing another aural blare.


Download the game to read the rest of The Story dot html, as well as to conclude the narrative by YOURSELF by controlling the fate of the elves!

Yes I submitted this as a gift for myself in a secret santa event I did not formally enter, because I knew I would not be up to making something for somebody else, but also I couldn't think of a better gift to ask for than remaking one of my own games for the season (if a bit late).

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Super Santa Nightmare


This is a game I've created for akair. Merry christmas and a happy new year!
What was requested: Nintendo, Snowy, Cozy, Puzzles (zelda-like), Mysteries, Adventures.
This is my very first Unity game, yay!

ARROW keys - Move santa
WASD keys - Rotate camera
SPACE (or J) - Jump
ALT+ENTER - Toggle fullscreen mode

Game objective:
Santa is late (again) and Jimmy wants his presents. Find and bring him all of his presents to finish the game.

Side quests (complete all side quests to get a "special ending"):
- Rescue a certain princess
- Meet every NPC

Fernando Aires Castello
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EPeakLanB Extra Preamble KragLe and Bread (Clyde)


EPeakLanB! (the acronym extension was improvised early am)

The Santa/Grog/Grolby/Tia rat-pack is back with more cast and more blast!

* Written in two languages so nobody understands nobody
* Soundfonted midi music playing to a listener's delight
* Guaranteed to appall and awe the masses in an improvised Christmas/Winter Pageant
* Released a day before Orthodox Christmas
* Other stars/bullets that may or may not shock yoU!!!!!
* Sequel to Arswaeerea

For one more current update: those on mobile platforms there's a mobile version, I don't know how it works/look but:

Have you ever been so lost in a series it inspires a change in your canon, or you decided to take a request and still work out a dream in your head you've been itching to do? EpeakLanB can take you there. The world is also open! Your input can change the direction of where or what those crazy crew members are and/or do next. Suggestions are open, psyches can by hypnotic, and life is full of fiber optics to bring these pipe dreams to sewer life!

Authors' outside-of-game Notes:
This took a bit longer than expected, but released one day before Christmas so that's a +. Ray's story can finally be enjoyed by others.

Part of the time involved watching an entire series for "rewsearch" and that took a while. I don't want to spoil the series and and made an attempt to tread carefully in the finished(?) product to reflect on that so PM me if you want my take on it. Good series though.

Thanks to clyde for the inspiration. Other names of notoriety in bass: Catdodo, Lazi, Moneyfunny, onlyorange. It's really early. I must sleep. The Christmas cycle curse has been broken and for that I can say:

Attachments included: 26283391.txt game script as of now. This site doesn't allow xml attachments so pretend it's text, rename to xml and view it in a browser if you want that layout to see what a bassnovel game is really made of! epeak.txt all of the chinese text here before translation. It isn't in any order. other conceptual art.


edit: smaller image version of the image so it doesn't break the page. original image here

If you'd like to read up on the prequel you're welcome to click on the image below this line:

Or you could choose and play EPeakLanB if you'd like! I made an uninspired PLAY BUTTON animation you can click on that will theoretically take you there. You could also alternatively click on this sentence as well for your enjoyment!

Having Trouble running the game? Maybe the replies to this comment will help!

Interested in dropping a line of feedback/input or just SUP? That would be great pilgrim! Alternatively you can scroll down if you want to reply to one of the commentes instead. *DISCLAIMER* if you object to any comments listed below as I'm not a moderator, don't reply to it as it makes the original message uneditable. Leave a comment next to it or drop the recipient a PM lol. *Other Disclaimer* Game flow and events subject to change, things are unpredicable, just in case.

Acks: mno, dattzies, spindleyq, linhat, 3fox, dorn, yom, chaos, mkapolka, sergio, fvm, superdot, vampirkat, nuuup, jeff, happygreenfrog, blueberryhill, smedis, db20, newt, wil, commodore, orion, bagofmagicfood, erokky, bitbot, everythingistaken, barf, lemmer, sean, racarate, rehasoft, adrian, josh, hellogregor, pillow, left-off-studios, mizzq,, noyb, wertpol, robgba, pirate_sephiroth, aplsos, RedR, snapman, hugs, leilei, scribblewise, clyde, the ug, #sally, #glorioustrainwrecks, forkheads, #gmc, #bottlekids, penjamin, flimsy

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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For Vampirkat: The (Christmas) Quest of Vampire Kitty to Eat Kiwis And Worship Satan

kitty screeny.png

Vampire Kitty must get to the red inverted cross to worship Satan, but her TUMMY IS SO SMALL. Make sure she doesn't go BLOOD CRAZY (and then die) by monitoring the blood scale at the top and eating kiwis along the way!

But watch out! The mobile cross brigade is trying to destroy even the CUTEST OF VAMPIRES! Don't touch the blue crosses or vampire kitty will be sad.



Here is the original song in the game - I don't think you can really hear the whole thing while playing.

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Tripcross (for Rylie James Thomas)


Merry belated holidays!
Sorry this is so late! My December ended up being much busier than I expected and I ended up completely scrapping my first attempt (I am so out of touch with unity :P)

Regardless! I hope you enjoy this little puzzle bite.

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An event
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play this music while playing the game
Happy Holidays!

Read those instructions by the way!

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An event
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