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VVORLAAK (for patrickgh3)


a little world to explore
built using woof.js
following the wishlist of patrickgh3
for spring sekret santa 2020

- wishlist -

tiny and confined areas

- controls -

arrows - movement
z - interact/confirm
x - run/cancel

special thanks to my friend skye for their help with the music
and to my partner alice for ideas, support, and love

Wendy Wildshape
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Blue's simple text game


A simple text game about exploration and secret-hunting. Can you find all five treasures scattered throughout the land?

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9 Boring Levels


Based off classic Shakespearean literature, ncrecc presents to you, a boring level, actually 9 of them but they're short and intentionally boring, tell me if you find any bad stuff like SGEs or wallswims or such, inspired by this thing.

2/1/18: Some dialogue is better now. Fixed a minor voidscreen.
2/8/18: WaDF song now properly loops. Fixed a nagging warp issue. Fixed a minor inconsistency with the grass in The Vendor's Key.
2/24/18: This gets rid of a particular flag warp that doesn't do anything helpful.

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Juni's Nightmare


This is really late.

david c & Sergio Cornaga
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Merry Christmas, and a Huggy New Year


Merry Christmas Hugs!

I only got to include four of the things (I made up a language, but didn't squeeze it in :( ). But I think they are good ones~

I learnt a lot making it, and had a lot of fun. Hope you like it. Can you can find the s e c r e t ?

Controls are configurable, but the defaults are

WASD to jog.
Left Ctrl to grab.
Left shift to walk.
Spacebar to jump
Backspace to restart.
Escape to quit.

If you have a controller it should work with that too--works with mine (but quit and restart are only on keyboard)!

Made with Unity 3D and Crocotile3D.

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Hogan's Run


In a dystopian future where all adults over the age of 29 are executed by the state, you, a new Sandman recruit, must train your firearm skills by shooting a spinning can in midair to make it bounce upward. Featuring an acclaimed soundtrack by Wario Ware Inc.'s own 9-Volt.

You can score bonus points by hunting and shooting "points of interest" as they appear. It's up to you to guess as to what those are!

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