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Freeway 2


Freeway 2's Chicken wants to know how you're doing, she says "cluck", which means "hey" in chicken!

But what is Freeway 2? Freeway 2 is the greatest Corel Click & Create game yet! It's a parody of Activision's Freeway in Real 3D!
But how is this possible? Isn't Click & Create 2D only?
That's what I used to think too, until I found Syntesis Entertainment's Klik OpenGL X extension, adding real 3D to Click & Create!

Now, for the star of the show:
Freeway 2!

Freeway 2 is a simple game, you play as a little chicken and you cross the road multiple times to stack up points! Each time you touch the sidewalk, you score a point, but don't you let one of those cars touch you, as that would tragically end multiple lives in an explosion!

Simple in concept, endless replay value! and if you don't want the gameplay being brought to a halt whenever you die, while in game, go to the menu bar and select Options, then click on Mode 2.

Does crossing a Freeway sound like fun to you? Does being a chicken sound like fun to you? How about this, does DYING IN AN EXPLOSION SOUND LIKE FUN TO YOU?

If any of the first two questions sound like fun to you,
download Freeway 2 right now!

If the last question sounds like fun to you,
seek help now!

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You can only cry 80 times


this is a "parody" of

play the game that inspired this game:

play a game that is superior to this game:

this game may take longer to download than it takes to play, depending on how fast you can click and download.

You can run the exe if you're a windows
you can install a java complier otherwise
the source is included. read my code at your own risk, this was written in like an hour.

oh yeah make sure to extact it all first

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Valletta's DooM Nightmare


I once knew about DooM and i made this one back during the spring of 2014 while i was gone of Glorious Trainwrecks, this time a parody .wad and it has hard levels, full of suprises, other stuff you might not know and for the first time on Glorious Trainwrecks...CUSTOM SPRITES, CUSTOM ENEMIES AND BOSSES, AND CUSTOM SHITTTTTTTTTT!!!!! This wad might not work in DOSBox and you might need Zandronum or just ZDoom (it's not tested on this) because this wad is full of custom stuff. Some friend of mine gave me rude reviews and i had to not support this anymore, until i decided to post it in Glorious Trainwreck, considering one of my memorable stuff i ever made.

The story so far (as told in the title screen's instructions replacement gfx):
one day someone named VALLETTA was playing horror games all the time, 3 hours later, he was tired to play these games so he went to bed, sleeping on his comfortable bed during at 1:50 P.M., he started dreaming, a really strange, weirdest, crappiest, heckiest, and sh**ty dream, all it has started as weird people walking around the streets, then several weird creatures appear and start fuckin up the world, then everything got bizzarre, aswell this ain't very good, VALLETTA has to try escaping the dream, but where he will end his dream?

WARNING: This wad might contain ear-rape sounds as this is a traumatic parody and might contain some suprises (and creepy sometimes in the halfway), and sometimes it can be hard to complete the rest of the game, play at your own risk, you might don't even bother asking help, because i don't even still update this wad anymore.

i don't want to keep putting my name in this field anymore
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Escape from the Crazy Place


You've been locked in a padded cell for no obvious reason with only a deranged hamburger-eating clown for company. The cell doesn't even have a door. So begins an adventure that will take you to many places including custard-filled caverns, the world's worst Indian restaurant, the planet Venus, and the inside of a cereal packet. You'll meet such strange characters as the peculiar Plugalug, the mysterious Cow of Honour, Rampateuay of the Hills (a prophet who predicts things he's about to do) and the sinister Boss.

Can YOU make it alive through the forest of the Ostrich People? Fathom the mysteries of the marmalade satnav? Survive the mutiny on the 'Milky Way'? Discover why you have ham on the brain, ham on the brain, ham on the ham on the ham on the brain? Can YOU escape from the Crazy Place?

Written over 33 years, Escape from the Crazy Place is a sprawling TWINE game with over 90,000 words of text. It is also an example of exquisite corpse writing, combining the talents of around twenty different authors. Some wrote just a passage or two, others wrote dozens.

This new TWINE version was originally intended to be a trimmed-down, more polished version of the 2006 TADS 2 version, but myself and my friends Loz Etheridge and Mark Bailey got a bit carried away, and somehow or other the 2017 version ended up being two-and-a-half times the size of the original. The game will continue to expand as I intend never to stop adding to it.

"Like the twisted literary lovechild of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and Homsar, Escape From the Crazy Place is quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever touched!" Ryusui -

"I've been playing your online Escape from the Crazy Place for the last half hour and I have to say it's... well, the best damn thing I've ever seen ever." Sprite - The Adrift Forum.

"This is a surrealist gem. I've never beaten it, despite spending some time on it, but the remarkably surreal world kind of sucks you and drags you along." Bad Dog Studios - IFDB.

J. J. Guest
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Call of Doodie: Modern Daycare


Well, its not good in any sense of the word. ...or really done in any sense of the word...but its here.

You get the same ending by dodging the car for long enough and for crashing into it, I didn't have enough time to do different endings with 2 hours.

But yeah, move the mouse to dodge the cars whilst driving home to play the next totally new and original Call of Doodie game!

This was going to be a bit longer, so if anyone wants me to do all that I planned, I guess you could beg me until I do.

Made in Java instead of Klik and Play, because I'm an idiot.

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oh my god it is now 2 in the morning

I did not intend to spend 6 hours on this

I am sorry Adam Saltsman and Danny B. Style for taking your work and adding so little

I am sorry Pizza Time for putting pants on your magnificent pixel Santa sprite

(but you can hit shift-P to take them off)

Deliver presents to all of the children of the world! Don't fall off a building before you finish or Christmas will be ruined!

Jeremy Penner
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The Alien Encounter



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SimTernet Explorer

Simternet Explorer.PNG


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Ninja Klik: A Game by Godfrey Ho!


Anyways im tired screw this description

Can you identify all of the games used in this?!?!?!?!?!

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mastyr of teh inuvares


you are the he men
you must Z to swrod skeletore because ht es evildsf and heesd to dei
remeber z ro sword and looks at the accurate bloods pshyciscs

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