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Worryspider in Picnic Panic


A simple little high score game. Try to collect as many apples as you can for your picnic date with your friend. c:

It's inspired by and a fangame of "Worryspider in: The Garden" by &t / bpseudopod. Please go play it, it's wonderful!
The character was created by and belongs to them. I love this anxious little spiderling so much.

It's probably a bit too hard, and the controls take some time getting used to.
I recommend looking at the 'how to play' screen.

~ controls ~
arrow keys - move left and right
X - shoot a spiderweb in a straight line
C - shoot a spiderweb in a diagonal line
hold X or C and use the arrow keys to swing from the web
release X or C to let go of the web

Go get those apples~
Can you beat my own high score of 12?

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FINA FLIGHTSY (for marbles-box)


Welcome to the newest Cube Enix Produkt, FINA FLIGHTSY.
SEPP, WHIZ, and MOOG are on an adventure in the sky until they are attacked by sky monsters!

Arrows - Move
Z - Fire SEPP attack when ready
X - Fire WHIZ attack when ready
C - Activate MOOG shield when ready
R - Reset Game

Art from Final Fantasy Something
Sound Effects from Roblox, 3D Movie Maker, Chip's Challenge and Klik n Play.
Title music is Title from Final Fantasy Legend III ( track by Ryuji Sasai? )
Game Music from is Boss from the 7th Saga ( track by Norihiko Yamanuki )

This Game Was Made For marbles-box as part of Sekret Santa 2020

This was originally going to be an rpg maker game so I included the sprites I made before I switched to clickteam. They'll work in RPG Maker MV but you'll need to edit them to work in older versions probably. Feel free to use just credit me as Mariken S. or Mariken Drawinge

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Bimbo Wizard

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 5.54.01 pm.png

In this short game you have gotten magic gold bimbos from the golden spider sitting in the sky at the top of the building and then you have turned yourself into a big green fellow and you are eating women in the street. The important thing is not to let a car hit your tongue while it is holding someone, because it is too heavy and it will get blown up. You move with the arrow keys and go through menus with space bar,.

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Lobotomy Final Exam


Use the left and right arrow keys to steer the needle to score the most points.
Try and keep it as straight as possible

Be electric guys, banger games coming soon!!

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1HGJ: Birdman


This is BIRDMAN, made for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Poorly-Programmed Gravity. I felt right at home. :)

You are BIRDMAN and you are collecting coins. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Game is over when the timer runs out. Try for a high score. Enjoy!

(Had to deal with a frustrating issue related to using Clickteam Physics and exporting to HTML5, but thanks to someone's suggestion on the CT forums it was fixed and now the game works as intended).

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Penguinball - for let-off-studios

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 6.28.41 PM.png


Thanks so much for organizing klikmas every year, it's my favorite event in the whole wide world!!!

DODO and PENGUIN have teamed up to take over the skies.
PENGUIN has become immune to explosions, and DODO is going
to shoot him with a bazooka gun. Avoid the spikes and lazers, and
collect coins!!

Click to shoot a rocket at PENGUIN to blast him up.
Press "F" to toggle fullscreen (when on the game screen)

* Your combo meter increases the number of points you get. If you take damage it resets to zero.
* The combo meter resets to zero if you take damage or go too long without increasing it.
* Graze spikes by moving penguin close to them to gain combo points.

The names in the high score table are taken from the wikipedia page
on early flying machines:

JMM: Jean-Michel Montgolfier
JEM: Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier
BDG: Bartolomeu de Gusmao
ES: Emanuel Swedenborg
AJP: Alexis-Jean-Pierre Paucton

Dancing on Clouds by Eric Matyas:

Coin grafix:
Rotating Coin by DasBilligeAlien:

Smoke and fire animated particle by KnoblePersona:

The prompt:

All I want for Chistmas is:

Flightless Birds
old-skool graphics and sound effects (8-bit and older is what I mean)
a high score table
no "games are art" foolishness... I'd rather see messy and raw, goofy stuff in my games
little-known historical figures from the past

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The Pit


A fast-paced dodge-em-up where you dodge an unrelenting stream of explosive rockets! Can you survive?

NOTICE: This game is actually just a Garry's Mod save file, so you probably want gmod if you're gonna play this. If you don't have gmod but you're still interested, I can provide a pathwork for guided meditation instead.

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Beat Tape (2019)

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 10.15.54 PM.png

Hey, I made 20 combat systems for you
produced by BEN (2), BLA, DEN, FF1, J J, 000, and 888

The project files are included, so you can edit these if you'd like. If you do so, read the README.txt.

JRPG Combat Systems
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Gobblin' Ghost


This is GOBBLIN' GHOST. Made for the Bo-Tober Game Jam here at Glorious Trainwrecks.

You are the hungry dead! Scare the trick-or-treaters into dropping their candy, then push it into your Gravestone so you can eat it later. Collect as much as you can before sunrise. Try for a high score!*

SPACEBAR/JOYSTICK BUTTON 3: Extend your ectoplasm/scare trick-or-treaters

Most graphics by Clickteam. Sounds made in BFXR. Background music from the website.

*: Anything over 600 is pretty good.

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1HGJ: Parenthood


PARENTHOOD, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was That's Not Supposed to Be a Weapon. Apologies in advance if this hurts anyone's feelings.

Daddy is on the left, Mommy is on the right. Gifts fly across the screen, ready for the taking. Who is loved more by the kids?

ARROW KEYS: aim at the targets
X KEY: Daddy launches a projectile
M KEY: Mommy launches a projectile

Made by me in Clickteam Fusion. Most graphics by Clicteam.

ENJOY! (?)

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An event
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