Beat Tape (2019)

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Hey, I made 20 combat systems for you
produced by BEN (2), BLA, DEN, FF1, J J, 000, and 888

The project files are included, so you can edit these if you'd like. If you do so, read the README.txt.

JRPG Combat Systems
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This was really interesting

This was really interesting to experience. I need to try out Murderbike and Kalatron with their local multiplayer elements cause they seem like a blast! My favourites were FancyTime, SunSwordMoon, and Brawlroom. I love that y'all included the project files because you know, sharing is caring. I should try handing out my clunky clickteam game engines for other people to iterate on. anyhow. best of luck in future endeavors y'all!

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I'm a sucker for stuff like

I'm a sucker for stuff like Colored Circles. I like how much the music-tracker is simplified here. It's very flexible and rewarding.
Also Circle does a great job mimicking a physical spinning thing like a coin. It is neat to see that.

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Thanks for the links! I

Thanks for the links! I still wonder who J J & 888 could be…

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stoked to play this later

stoked to play this later today ~