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A human ponders the arachnidan condition.

This is a short Twine game that's effectively a distillation of a WIP much longer Twine game from 8 months ago that was much less applicable.

Black Widow of Wibi; gost of wibi
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Worryspider in Picnic Panic


A simple little high score game. Try to collect as many apples as you can for your picnic date with your friend. c:

It's inspired by and a fangame of "Worryspider in: The Garden" by &t / bpseudopod. Please go play it, it's wonderful!
The character was created by and belongs to them. I love this anxious little spiderling so much.

It's probably a bit too hard, and the controls take some time getting used to.
I recommend looking at the 'how to play' screen.

~ controls ~
arrow keys - move left and right
X - shoot a spiderweb in a straight line
C - shoot a spiderweb in a diagonal line
hold X or C and use the arrow keys to swing from the web
release X or C to let go of the web

Go get those apples~
Can you beat my own high score of 12?

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Worryspider in: The Garden


HEADS UP! If you just want to play the game, go to the itch.io link above. The downloadable file contains the source files, and you have to start a local HTTP server (y'know, python -m http.server) to play it. Check out the readme for full credits and dev notes!

A frantic gather-em-up about the bourgeois norms of lawncare. Can YOU gather enough apples to feed your hungry pal?

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Dog vs Spider


Happy Halloween!
A fighting game for two people. Will you wish to play as the scary spider or skeleton dog? And who will win? It is up to you!!!

For more spooky stuff, visit:

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How Do I Shot Web?


You are the mystical Space Spider. You must eat chess pieces BECAUSE YOU ARE HUNGRY AND I SAID SO.
Also a boss if you get 995 or higher hunger points.

Shift- Shot Web
Arrow keys- Move
When enemies are pulled towards you, touch them to eat them.

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Spider Courtship Simulator

Spider Courtship Simulator.png

A spider sex game. Inspired by real spider behaviour.

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David Clarke.exe

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David Clarke

David Clarke
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spiders have been engineered only to kill
conduct tests of new spider technology with innovative simulation system

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I'm Being Eaten By A Spider Queen (And I Don't Like It One Bit!)


If you've played Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars by Anna Anthropy, you might have wondered: what happens to the captured slaves when our dear Queen walks over them? The obvious answer is that they are abstracted away into a cage offscreen, instantaneously, in the manner of many videogames. The disobvious answer, I decided, is that the Queen uses her spider-venom to shrink them down to a portable size, so she can carry them around freely, as if they were mere diamond gems. This game is based on this assertion to some extent.

This was made under Ludum Dare conditions. I might submit this to that competition.

Also, this is based on a tweet.

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