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Make Your Own BINKY



A bonus release in the award winning BINKY series.

"I dreamt of someone making BINKY games in html... I wanted it to be real."
-Mariken, creator of BINKY.

After popular demand, all the BINKY characters are here in animated frames of 12 frames per second in the second and third dimension. Including bonus and unreleased content from BINKY 1-3, BUBBO LAND comics, and BINKY V and VII. Below are profiles of the characters.


Are they a dinosaur, a dragon? does it matter? BINKY wants to go on fun adventures all across the world with their friends. BINKY is dating RUFF the dog.

He is a world champion boxing beagle, not to be confused with other famous boxers or beagles. He wants to become the strongest. RUFF is dating BINKY.

He is an evil robot monster who lives on Robot Island on the moon. Though he is not very good at being evil, and sometimes joins BINKY in funny adventures.

She is the queen of the fairies. She is stoic and very wise, but doesn't understand how to make jokes very well some of the time. QUEEN for short.

The FAIRY QUEEN's little buddy. She doesn't say much and that is okay. Unfortunately the victim of cosmic circumstance, such as falling anvils.


Please credit me as Mariken G. or Gisbrecht. These assets are under CC-4.0-BY License.

BINKY has only said the swear words "crud" and "crap" and those are the only ones anyone in BINKY WORLD knows about, so don't use any other swear words!!!

BINKY WORLD is like a PG rated movie, no scary violence blood or naughty stuff please!!!

If you break these rules I will be very upset and sad...

Thank you!!!

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to a jumbled slop of game assets i brought a certain... "order," if you will. but now, alas, *koff koff*, etc, i will not ...

Screenshot - 07162016 - 04:34:00 PM.png

... live to see my work completed. Take up the mantle, please!! I beg of you! Finish my life's work, pull blocks and monsters and items and icons from the big pile and put them where they should go. It's only rigiht, it's what you deserve. Please, for my legacy... go...

click & drag to move things around, hold space to cum

music is "Don't Stop Dreaming About Love" by cullen page

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Shake Yer Assets


Made in Game Maker... I know, blasphemy.

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Pirate Kart 2
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