to a jumbled slop of game assets i brought a certain... "order," if you will. but now, alas, *koff koff*, etc, i will not ...

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... live to see my work completed. Take up the mantle, please!! I beg of you! Finish my life's work, pull blocks and monsters and items and icons from the big pile and put them where they should go. It's only rigiht, it's what you deserve. Please, for my legacy... go...

click & drag to move things around, hold space to cum

music is "Don't Stop Dreaming About Love" by cullen page

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Won't run ...

... on windows 7 32-bit. Get a dialog - "The version of this file is not comaptible with the verdion of Windows you're runiing ..." Is this compiled for 64-bit? Not sure if you can do anything but thought I'd mention it.

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Ah fart, yeah I think I used

Ah fart, yeah I think I used the 64 bit binary. I'll fix and re-up ASAP
(update: Should be fixed now)

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Quite a mess. As I start

Quite a mess.
As I start getting more invested in digging through these piles, it feels somewhat similar to searching through CDs or vinyl records at a yard-sale.

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