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BINKY XXI is a short walkabout game starring you in the role of Binky, who is looking for their boyfriend Ruff. Can you find Ruff, deep in the clutches of Robolloyd's deadly, disturbing, disgusting, scary, scummy, stagnant, trap-filled, terrifying, triangular, haunted castle? Probably!

Once the game has been launched on your computer device, you can press the spacebar to advance the opening explanation. Afterwards, you can move Binky around the world with the WASD or arrow keys. Press spacebar again at any point to try to interact with an object you are standing above- such as an open door, a locked door, a secret door, etc. Who knows what you'll find? I do.


Interviewer: Finally, tomorrow is the release of "BINKY XXI", can you tell us at TheBinkyZone about it?
Developer 1: So... We got our Halloween holiday break early, and all of us decided to have a party at the local haunt.
Developer 2: Literally! A real haunted mansion. I saw a ghost!!
Developer 3: No you didn't, it was just a sheet on a broom!

Interviewer: What was your experience like at the mansion?
Developer 1: Yes well. The fruit juice we had catered was pretty strong, it affected our faculties pretty bad.
Developer 2: Don't even get me started on the catering... We had to carry it to the mansion ourselves!
Developer 3: We had such a wild time, when we got back to the office that afternoon, we realized developer 4 was missing!

Interviewer: What happened next, and how is developer 4 doing today?
Developer 1: It was such a scary experience, we figured it'd be great material for the next Binky game.
Developer 2: And they say that to this day, what's left of him still haunts that mansion... That was a week ago.
Developer 3: We actually just forgot the directions to the mansion, so nobody's been back to check on him.

Interviewer: That's IT. The standards of your company make me sick. I refuse to continue to support such a dangerous workplace!
Interviewer: (stands up, knocking their chair over, and leaves the room)
Developers: ...
Developer 2: Hey, they left their box of donuts behind, I call dibs!!


This careware redistribution of BINKY XXI, exclusively available from TheBinkyZone, contains the following:

- sound effects folder
- unofficial walkthrough (in a secondary zip file to avoid spoilers)
- README txt
- a mystery?


BINKY XXI has been playtested thoroughly (for a few minutes) using WINE on Linux, and it functioned perfectly.
So, you should be able to enjoy BINKY XXI too!
If you have any issues, feel free to complain and we at TheBinkyZone might be able to fix it!


Binky, Ruff, RoboLloyd, Fairy Queen, and Ghost characters / graphics - Mariken G.
most interior castle graphics - A Knight's Castle graphic pack, by Koobare
all other graphics - Clickteam

m_menu - Clickteam
m_castle - Atlantis Lost by Between Interval
m_ending - light rearrangement I did of a midi from a Doom mod. lost source, sorry

Sound Effects:
elevator - Portal 2
binky 1 through 9 - my own voice
locked, metal, open, stairs, blocked - 3D Movie Maker samples
ghost, spikes, pit, portal - unknown origins, sorry!
all other sfx - Clickteam

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Make Your Own BINKY



A bonus release in the award winning BINKY series.

"I dreamt of someone making BINKY games in html... I wanted it to be real."
-Mariken, creator of BINKY.

After popular demand, all the BINKY characters are here in animated frames of 12 frames per second in the second and third dimension. Including bonus and unreleased content from BINKY 1-3, BUBBO LAND comics, and BINKY V and VII. Below are profiles of the characters.


Are they a dinosaur, a dragon? does it matter? BINKY wants to go on fun adventures all across the world with their friends. BINKY is dating RUFF the dog.

He is a world champion boxing beagle, not to be confused with other famous boxers or beagles. He wants to become the strongest. RUFF is dating BINKY.

He is an evil robot monster who lives on Robot Island on the moon. Though he is not very good at being evil, and sometimes joins BINKY in funny adventures.

She is the queen of the fairies. She is stoic and very wise, but doesn't understand how to make jokes very well some of the time. QUEEN for short.

The FAIRY QUEEN's little buddy. She doesn't say much and that is okay. Unfortunately the victim of cosmic circumstance, such as falling anvils.


Please credit me as Mariken G. or Gisbrecht. These assets are under CC-4.0-BY License.

BINKY has only said the swear words "crud" and "crap" and those are the only ones anyone in BINKY WORLD knows about, so don't use any other swear words!!!

BINKY WORLD is like a PG rated movie, no scary violence blood or naughty stuff please!!!

If you break these rules I will be very upset and sad...

Thank you!!!

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